Electronic Supplement to
3D Effects of Sedimentary Wedges and Subsurface Canyons: Ground-Motion Amplification in the Israeli Coastal Plain

by Omri Volk, Shahar Shani-Kadmiel, Zohar Gvirtzman, and Michael Tsesarsky

This electronic supplement consists of three visualizations presenting three components of ground motion for three models: reference, steep edge, and wedge model. In each visualization, the transverse (x), longitudinal (y), and vertical (z) components along the center line of the models are plotted over the time of simulation. The geometry of the subsurface is plotted using a black dashed line. For each time step, the peak ground velocity (PGV) is updated and added to the envelope (yellow dashed line) until final PGV envelope is achieved.

In Movie S1, the PGV envelope of the reference (laterally homogenous) model is presented, showing normal geometrical spreading from source. For the thickening-away model (Movie S2), the sedimentary wedge effect is clearly seen, in which amplification of ground motions occurs atop the wedge. The location of PGV is at 50 km, starting at second 16 of the simulation. The main two components contributing to the envelope are longitudinal (y, green line) and vertical (z, red line). We interpret this phase as Rayleigh waves incoming into the wedge along the surface.

In Movie S3, we present the steep-edge basin model, where as expected amplifications occur at the edge (35 km). The main component contributing to PGV is transverse (x, blue line) starting at second 10 of the simulation. We interpret this phase as SH waves incoming into the wedge. This difference, between the locations of PGV, shows the absence of edge effect in sedimentary wedges; further emphasizing the need for careful consideration of seismic hazard atop sedimentary wedges.


Movie S1 [h.264-encoded MPEG4 movie; ~832 KB]. Ground-velocity profiles, by component, for reference model.

Movie S2 [h.264-encoded MPEG4 movie; ~1.15 MB]. Ground-velocity profiles, by component, for thickening-away wedge model.

Movie S3 [h.264-encoded MPEG4 movie; ~1.27 MB]. Ground-velocity profiles, by component, for steep-edge basin model.

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