Bulletin of the
Seismological Society of America

Volume 86 - Number 5 - October 1996


How Well Do We Utilize Global Seismicity?
    Michael E. Wysession

The Gravilastic Equation and the Emergence of Gravity Waves in Large Earthquakes
    Cinna Lomnitz

The 1965 Rat Islands Earthquake: A Critical Comparison of Seismic and Tsunami Wave Inversions
    Jean M. Johnson and Kenji Satake

Slip Distribution along the North Anatolian Fault Associated with the Large Earthquakes of the Period 1939 to 1967
    Aykut Barka

Toward Real-Time Estimation of Regional Moment Tensors
    Michael E. Pasyanos, Douglas S. Dreger, and Barbara Romanowicz

Regional Network Focal Mechanism Determination Using 3D Velocity Model and SH/P Amplitude Ratio
    Ruey-Juin Rau, Francis T. Wu, and Tzay-Chyn Shin

Source Characteristics of Small to Moderate Earthquakes in the Kanto Region, Japan: Application of a New Definition of the S-Wave Time Window Length
    Kazutoshi Watanabe, Haruo Sato, Shigeo Kinoshita, and Masakazu Ohtake

On the Scaling of Slip with Rupture Length for Shallow Strike-Slip Earthquakes: Quasi-Static Models and Dynamic Rupture Propagation
    Paul Bodin and James N. Brune

Earthquake Source Spectra in Eastern North America
    R. A. W. Haddon

Determination of Local Magnitude Using BDSN Broadband Records
    Robert A. Uhrhammer, Suzanna J. Loper, and Barbara Romanowicz

Seismic Behavior of the Southern San Andreas Fault Zone in the Northern Coachella Valley, California: Comparison of the 1948 and 1986 Earthquake Sequences
    Craig Nicholson

Urban Seismology--Northridge Aftershocks Recorded by Multi-Scale Arrays of Portable Digital Seismographs
    Mark Meremonte, Arthur Frankel, Edward Cranswick, David Carver, and David Worley

Rocking and Overturning of Precariously Balanced Rocks by Earthquakes
    Baoping Shi, Abdolrasool Anooshehpoor, Yuehua Zeng, and James N. Brune

Seismic Hazard Estimate from Background Seismicity in Southern California
    Tianqing Cao, Mark D. Petersen, and Michael S. Reichle

Simulation of the Response of the Marina District Basin, San Francisco, California, to the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
    Bin Zhang and Apostolos S. Papageorgiou

Reflected Seismic Waves and Their Effect on Strong Shaking during the 1989 Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake
    R. D. Catchings and W. M. Kohler

Long-Period Ground Motions and Dynamic Strain Field of Los Angeles Basin during Large Earthquakes
    T. L. Teng and J. Qu

Amplification and Differential Motion due to an Antiplane 2D Resonance in the Sediment Valleys Embedded in a Layer over the Half-Space
    Peter Moczo, Peter Labák, Jozef Kristek, and Franta Hron

Inversion of Local Earthquake Data for Site Response in San Diego, California
    H. van de Vrugt, S. Day, H. Magistrale, and J. Wedberg

Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Investigation of Near-Surface Fault Properties in the San Francisco Bay Region
    Jun Cai, George A. McMechan, and Michael A. Fisher

Velocity and Attenuation Structure of Very Shallow Soils: Evidence for a Frequency-Dependent Q
    Luca Malagnini

Earthquake Magnitude Potential of the Intermountain Seismic Belt, USA, from Surface-Parameter Scaling of Late Quaternary Faults
    David B. Mason

High-Frequency Analysis of Seismic Background Noise as a Function of Wind Speed and Shallow Depth
    Mitchell M. Withers, Richard C. Aster, Christopher J. Young, and Eric P. Chael

A Comparison of the High-Frequency (>1 Hz) Surface and Subsurface Noise Environment at Three Sites in the United States
    Christopher J. Young, Eric P. Chael, Mitchell M. Withers, and Richard C. Aster

Monochromatic T Waves from Underwater Volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean: Ringing Witnesses to Geyser Processes?
    Jacques Talandier and Emile A. Okal

Regional Event Discrimination without Transporting Thresholds
    Mark D. Risk, Henry L. Gray, and Gary D. McCartor

Topographic Site Effects and HVSR. A Comparison Between Observations and Theory
    Francisco J. Chávez-García, Luis R. Sánchez, and D. Hatzfeld

Attenuation Structure of Coso Geothermal Area, California, from Wave Pulse Widths
    Juatao Wu and Jonathan M. Lees

Constraints for Upper Mantle Shear-Wave-Models of the Basin and Range from Surface-Wave Inversion
    K. Koch and B. W. Stump

Modeling the Effect of San Andreas Fault Structure on Receiver Functions Using Elastic 3D Finite Difference
    John K. Hammer and Charles A. Langston

Short Notes

Physical Significance of Earthquake Quanta
    Z. L. Wu, Y. T. Chen, and S. G. Kim

Automatic Time-Domain Calculation of Source Parameters for the Analysis of Induced Seismicity
    T. I. Urbancic, C.-I. Trifu, T. A. Mercer, A. J. Feustel, and J. A. G. Alexander

Advancement in Source Estimation Techniques Using Broadband Regional Seismograms
    Lupei Zhu and Donald V. Helmberger

Convenient Formulas for Determining Dip-Slip Fault Parameters from Geophysical Observables
    Steven C. Cohen

Predominant Seismic Source Distance and Magnitude Maps for Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties, California
    Chris H. Cramer and Mark D. Petersen

The Beatty Scarp in Nye County, Nevada--An Important Late Quaternary Morphologic Datum
    L. W. Anderson and R. E. Klinger
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