Bulletin of the
Seismological Society of America

Volume 89 - Number 4 - August 1999


Estimates of the Ground Accelerations at Point Reyes Station during the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
    Abdolrasool Anooshehpoor, Thomas H. Heaton, Baoping Shi, and James N. Brune

A Monte Carlo Approach to Seismic Hazard Analysis
    John E. Ebel and Alan L. Kafka

The Calculation of Expected Loss Using Probabilistic Seismic Hazard
    Tianqing Cao, Mark D. Petersen, Chris H. Cramer, Tousson R. Toppozada, Michael S. Reichle, and James F. Davis

Numerical Evaluation of the Effect of Cross-Coupling of Different Components of Ground Motion in Site Response Analyses
    Roberto Paolucci

Attenuation and Excitation of Three-Component Ground Motion in Southern California
    M. Raoof, R. B. Herrmann, and L. Malagnini

Two-Dimensional Linear and Nonlinear Wave Propagation in a Half-Space
    Heming Xu, Steven M. Day, and Jean-Bernard H. Minster

3D Finite-Difference Method Using Discontinuous Grids
    Shin Aoi and Hiroyuki Fujiwara

Test of Two Methods for Faulting in Finite-Difference Calculations
    D. J. Andrews

Seismic Analysis of the 7 January 1998 Chemical Plant Explosion at Kean Canyon, Nevada
    Gene A. Ichinose, Kenneth D. Smith, John G. Anderson

Seismic Threshold Monitoring for Continuous Assessment of Global Detection Capability
    Tormod Kværna and Frode Ringdal

Seismic Source Classification in Israel by Signal Imaging and Rule-Based Coincidence Evaluation
    G. Leonard, M. Villagrán, M. Joswig, Y. Bartal, N. Rabinowitz, and A. Saya

Seismic Signal Detection by Fractal Dimension Analysis
    Patrizia Tosi, Salvatore Barba, Valerio De Rubeis, and Francesca Di Luccio

Multimodal Function Optimization with a Niching Genetic Algorithm: A Seismological Example
    Keith D. Koper, Michael E. Wysession, and Douglas A. Wiens

Teleseismic Slowness-Azimuth Station Corrections for the International Monitoring System Seismic Network
    István Bondár, Robert G. North, and Gregory Beall

Source Mechanism of Two 1994 Intermediate-Depth-Focus Earthquakes in Guerrero, Mexico
    Luis Quintanar, J. Yamamoto, and Z. Jiménez

Late Wisconsin to Holocene Deformation in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
    Robin K. Mihills and Roy B. Van Arsdale

Active Faulting in the Gulf of Aqaba: New Knowledge from the Mw 7.3 Earthquake of 22 November 1995
    Yann Klinger, Luis Rivera, Henri Haessler, and Jean-Christophe Maurin

Stress Field in Friuli (NE Italy) from Fault Plane Solutions of Activity Following the 1976 Main Shock
    Dario Slejko, Giancarlo Neri, Ivanka Orozova, Gianfranco Renner, and Max Wyss

The Receiver Structure beneath the China Digital Seismograph Network Stations
    S. Mangino, K. Priestley, and J. Ebel

Source Parameter Determination of Local Earthquakes in Korea Using Moment Tensor Inversion of Single Station Data
    So Gu Kim and Nadeja Kraeva

Coda Q in Southwestern British Columbia, Canada
    B. C. Zelt, N. T. Dotzev, R. M. Ellis, and G. C. Rogers

Aftershocks of the 1952 Kern County, California, Earthquake Sequence
    Douglas Dreger and Brian Savage

Foreshocks and Aftershocks of the Great 1857 California Earthquake
    Aron J. Meltzner and David J. Wald

General Theory of the Modified Gutenberg-Richter Law for Large Seismic Moments
    Didier Sornette and Anne Sornette

Crustal Deformation Processes and the Stability of the Gutenberg-Richter Relationship
    Steven G. Wesnousky

Short Notes

A Systematic Error in Estimating Surface-Wave Group-Velocity Dispersion Curves and a Procedure for Its Correction N. M. Shapiro and S. K. Singh

Using Waveform Similarity to Constrain Earthquake Locations
    William Menke

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Posted: 08/04/99