Electronic Supplement to
A Structural Interpretation of the Aftershock "Cloud" of the 1992 Mw 7.3 Landers Earthquake

by Jing Liu, Kerry Sieh, and Egill Hauksson


This electronic supplement contains ArcView shape files of the 1992 Landers mainshock rupture (Arcview is a proprietary software package manufactured by ESRI; please see their website for information on software for viewing these files). The landers_m.* files contain information for the map of the surface rupture, and the offset.* files provide the offset measurements (in cm). The projection is stateplane, with units in meters, zone 3376, datum NAD27. Note that the southern 1/3 of the rupture was mapped in detail by USGS and CDMG personnel* but is shown with less resolution in this data set.

*California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology. (2000). Digital images of official maps of Alquist-Priolo earthquake fault zones of California, southern region, DMG CD 2000-003.

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  • Filename         Size (in bytes)
  • landers_m.dbf   1075778
  • landers_m.sbn     92372
  • landers_m.sbx      1908
  • landers_m.shp   1849652
  • landers_m.shx     76916
  • offset.dbf        53837
  • offset.sbn        18612
  • offset.sbx          804
  • offset.shp        38544
  • offset.shx        11084
  • readme.txt          714

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