Electronic Supplement to
Causal Instrument Corrections for Short-Period and Broadband Seismometers

by Matthew M. Haney, John Power, Michael West, and Paul Michaels

MATLAB code and data example for instrument correction demonstration

We provide Matlab scripts and functions and a data example to demonstrate the instrument correction method described in our paper. The ZIP file, linked below, consists of the following files:

Download: MATLAB codes and data example [Zip Archive; 231 KB]

The data example is executed by putting all these files into a directory, going to that directory within Matlab, and typing:

>> example_instrum_correct

at the Matlab command prompt. The main script runs the other 2 scripts and produces a figure that overlaps the instrument-corrected seismograms for the co-located broadband (station code SPCR) and short period (CKT) seismometers. The 3 Matlab scripts and 1 Matlab function have a significant amount of inline comments that describe the different processes within the codes.

Appendix B of the paper discusses in detail the necessary input values for the codes.

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