Electronic Supplement to
Performance of Several Low-Cost Accelerometers

by J. R. Evans, R. M. Allen, A. I. Chung, E. S. Cochran, R. Guy, M. Hellweg, and J. F. Lawrence

Table S4. A Strawman Bill of Materials for a Clean-sheet Class-C Recording System

Price * Model Description
$119 1044_0 High Resolution 6DOF + compass sensor (USB output at rates to 250 sps); resolution 76.3 mg over ±2 g and 0.3 mrad/s over ±5.2 rad/s
$191 1072_0 Single board computer: 512 MB flash; 64 MB DRAM; 6 USB ports; 100 base-T Ethernet, eight each 10-bit analog inputs and each 1-bit digital inputs and outputs (useful for inputs of command buttons and outputs for LEDs, for example); boot time 30 s, OS is Debian GNU/Linux; C, Java, Python, etc.; drivers for PCs, Macs, Linux, iOS, etc.
$106 1203_2 2X20 LCD display kit with additional I/O ports (optional)</td>
$26 3702_0 Wi-Fi <--> USB Adapter with SMA Antenna (optional)
$81 1040_0 GPS time and position (optional)
$310 Total of DAS essentials
$523 Total including all options
* Prices are per-unit at purchase-quantity 50; it is likely that production quantities would be significantly less expensive.