Electronic Supplement to
On the Perception of Audified Seismograms

by Lapo Boschi, Laurianne Delcor, Jean-Loïc Le Carrou, Claudia Fritz, Arthur Paté, and Benjamin Holtzman

This electronic supplement contains examples of audio files, that is, audified seismograms for different paths and sources, which were presented to subjects in our experiments. The data are subdivided into two data sets, “DS1” and “DS2”, described in our study. DS1 includes seismograms associated with waves that traveled almost entirely under a continent (e.g., DS1_cont_*.mp3) or almost entirely under an ocean (e.g., DS1_ocean_*.mp3). DS2 includes seismograms associated with waves that were originated by a strike slip (e.g., DS2_strike_*.mp3), or thrust (e.g., DS2_thrust_*.mp3) event. The text string in the remainder of each filename is based on the convention used by Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS; date of event followed by acronym of the recording station).

Audio Files

DS1, Oceanic Path

DS1, Continental Path

DS2, Strike-Slip Fault

DS2, Thrust Fault

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