Electronic Supplement to
Real-Time Earthquake Monitoring during the Second Phase of the Deep Fault Drilling Project, Alpine Fault, New Zealand

by Calum J. Chamberlain, Carolin M. Boese, Jennifer D. Eccles, Martha K. Savage, Laura-May Baratin, John Townend, Anton K. Gulley, Katrina M. Jacobs, Adrian Benson, Sam Taylor-Offord, Clifford Thurber, Bin Guo, Tomomi Okada, Ryota Takagi, Keisuke Yoshida, Rupert Sutherland, and Virginia G. Toy

This electronic supplement contains tables of earthquake catalog, 1D velocity model used for earthquake location, and station correction terms used for local magnitude calculation.


Table S1 [Plain Text Comma-separated Values; 27 KB]. Earthquake hypocenter locations for all earthquakes detected during real-time monitoring.

Table S2 [Plain Text Comma-separated Values; 147 Bytes]. The 1D velocity model used for earthquake location.

Table S3 [Plain Text Comma-separated Values; 218 Bytes]. Station correction terms used for magnitude calculation.

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