Electronic Supplement to
Estimating a continuous Moho surface for the California Unified Velocity Model

by Carl Tape, Andreas Plesch, John H. Shaw, and Hersh Gilbert

Data files and plotting files for the estimated Moho surface

Data files

cal_moho01_q02_q08_ir02_id01_plot.dat [ASCII Text file; 446 KB]. Regular 2D grid of longitude-latitude points of the estimated Moho surface for California. Columns are longitude, latitude, Moho elevation in km.

cal_moho01_q02_q08_ir02_id01.dat [ASCII Text file; 109 KB]. Data points used in the estimation problem. Columns are longitude, latitude, published Moho elevation in km, estimated Moho elevation in km, estimated uncertainty in published Moho elevation in km. For the uncertainties for each published Moho elevation, we used scaled versions of the published uncertainties when available.

Plotting files

read_moho_cmm.m [ASCII Text file; 5 KB]. Matlab script to load the Moho surface and extract a profile of the Moho between two longitude-latitude points. Also plotted for references are the topography and bathymetry along the same profile.

ETOPO.xyz [ASCII Text file; 15.8 MB]. Extracted ETOPO-1 grid of topography and bathymetry from Amante and Eakins (2009).

jennings_more.xy [ASCII Text file; 89 KB]. Jennings (1994) digitized active faults of California, plus the Kern Canyon fault.

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