Student Presentation Awards

2004 Winners

Margaret Boettcher (Massachusetts Institute of Technology/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program)

"Earthquake Scaling Relations for Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults" by Margaret Boettcher and Thomas Jordan

Eric Dunham (Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara)

"Crack Edge Diffraction: A Way to Understand Heterogeneous Ruptures and the Supershear Transition" by Eric M. Dunham and Ralph J. Archuleta

Ross Hartleb (University of Southern California, Dept of Earth Sciences)

"Paleoseismology of the North Anatolian Fault, Turkey: A 2,000-2,500 Year Record of Large, Infrequent Earthquakes" by Ross D. Hartleb and James F. Dolan

Morgan Page (Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara)

"Dynamic Modeling of the 1984 Morgan Hill Earthquake" by Morgan Page, Eric Dunham, and Jean Carlson

John Ristau (University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia)

"Seismotectonics of Western Canada from Regional Moment Tensor Analysis" by John Ristau, Garry C. Rogers, and John F. Cassidy

Fangyin Zhang (Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo)

"Site Amplification in Taiwan: Comparison of Various Estimation Methods and Evidence of Nonlinearity" by Fangyin Zhang and Apostolos S. Papageorgiou