Student Presentation Awards

2006 Winners


Antonio Cameron
Source Parameters Analysis of the Regional Moment Tensor Inversion in the Caribbean Region
By A. Cameron and E. Asencio, both of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez; C. Von Hillebrandt-Andrade and V. Huerfano, both of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network; and C. Mendoza, Centro de Geociencias UNAM

photo_custodioSusana Custodio
Kinematic Inversion of the 2006Mw6 Parkfield Earthquake from Strong-Motion Seismic Data and High-Rate GPS Data
S. Custodio, P. Liu, and R. Archuleta, University of California, Santa Barbara; and K. Larson, University of Colorado

photo_shuomaShuo Ma
Effects of Large-Scale Topography on the Ground Motions and Rupture Dynamics in the Simulation of the 1812 Wrightwood, California, Earthquake

S. Ma and R. Archuleta, both of the University of California, Santa Barbara

photo_maceiraMonica Maceira

Joint Inversion of Surface Wave Velocity and Gravity Observations and Its Application to Central Asian basins Shear Velocity Structure
M. Maceira, Los Alamos national Laboratory; C. Ammon, Pennsylvania State University

photo_meltznerAron Meltzner
The "Simeulue Saddle" and Rupture Overlap in the 2002, 2004 and 2005 Sunda Megathrust Earthquakes
A. Meltzner, R. Briggs, K. Sieh, A., Konca, and Y. Hsu, All of the Tectonics Observatory, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology

photo_shostakNancy Shostak
High-resolution Analysis of 1906 Earthquake Intensities in the City of San Jose, California
N. Shostak, San Jose State University

photo_VanDeMarkTom VanDeMark
Moderate and Large Earthquake Activity along Oceanic Transform Faults
T. VanDeMark and C. Ammon, both of Pennsylvania State University