Student Presentation Awards

2009 Winners

The SSA Student Presentation Awards recognize excellence in student poster presentations or talks at the annual meeting. The award is given to up to 10% of the number of students presenting at the annual meeting whose presentations meet absolute criteria that cover the quality of both content and presentation. The 2009 SSA Student Presentation Awards were given based on evaluation by the Student Award subcommittee, made up of Susan Bilek (chair), Glenn Biasi, Stephan Husen, Miaki Ishii, Kristine Pankow, Tom Pratt, and Dennise Templeton. From among a total of about 60 student presentations at the 2009 SSA Annual Meeting, the subcommittee chose the following six for recognition:

Murat_Ersen_AksoyMurat Ersen Aksoy

Istanbul Technical University and Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg

Slip Distribution and Rupture Characteristics of the 9 August 1912 Mürefte Earthquake (Ms=7.3) along the Ganos Segment of the North Anatolian Fault (Turkey)

Aksoy, M.E.; Meghraoui, M., Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg; Ferry, M., Centro de Geofísica de Évora; Çakir Z., and Akyüz, S., Istanbul Technical University; and Altunel, E., Eskisehir Osmangazi University

Natalie_BalfourNatalie Balfour

University of Victoria

Variations and Sources of Crustal Anisotropy in Southwest British Columbia

Balfour, N. J., University of Victoria; Cassidy, J., Geological Survey of Canada; and Dosso, S., University of Victoria

Deborah Kane

Virginia Tech

Quantifying Various Effects on Uncertainties in Source Parameter Estimates

Kane, D. L., University of California San Diego; Prieto, G. A., Universidad de los Andes; Vernon, F. L., and Shearer, P. M., University of Caliifornia, San Diego

Rich Koehler

University of Nevada, Reno

Paleoseismic Observations along U.S. Highway 50: An Estimate of Net Long-term Extension across the Basin and Range, Nevada

Koehler, R. D., and Wesnousky, S. G., University of Nevada, Reno

Dylan Rood

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dating Offset Alluvial Fans along the San Andreas Fault in the Santa Cruz Mountains Using Lidar and Be-10 Geochronology

Rood, D. H., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Prentice, C. S., and DeLong, S. B., U.S. Geological Survey; and Ritz, J. F., Université Montpellier

Igor Stubailo

University of California, Los Angeles

Subduction Zone Seismic Experiment in Peru: Results from a Wireless Seismic Network

Stubailo I., Guy, R., Lukac, M., Husker, A., Foote, E., Davis, P., University of California, Los Angeles; Skinner, S., Phillips, K., Clayton, R., California Institute of Technology; Aguilar, V., and Tavera, H., Instituto Geofisico del Peru; and Audin, L., L’IRD de Peru