Student Presentation Awards

2010 Winners

The SSA Student Presentation Awards recognize excellence in student poster presentations or talks at the annual meeting. This year the award is given to up to 15% of the number of students presenting at the annual meeting whose presentations meet absolute criteria that cover the quality of both content and presentation. The 2010 SSA Student Presentation Awards were given based on evaluation by the Student Award subcommittee, made up of Thomas Pratt (chair), Elizabeth Barnett, Chris Cramer, Lee Liberty, Morgan Moschetti, Justin Rubenstein, Lara Wagner, Ray Willeman, and Lorraine Wolf. From among a total of about 80 student presentations at the 2010 SSA Annual Meeting, the subcommittee chose the following 12 for recognition:

Biniam Beyene Asmerom

University of Memphis Center for Earthquake Research and Information

Lateral Crustal Velocity Variations in the Andean Foreland in San Juan, Argentina, Determined with the JHD Analysis and 3D P and S Velocity Inversion

B. B. Asmerom, J.-M. Chiu, J. Pujol, and R. Smalley

Annemarie Baltay

Stanford University

Energetic and Enervated Earthquakes: Real Scatter in Apparent Stress and Implications for Ground Motion Prediction

A. S. Baltay; G. Prieto, S. Ide, and G. C. Beroza

Kevin Eagar

Arizona State University

P-to-S receiver function imaging of the crust beneath the High Lava Plains of Eastern Oregon

K. C. Eagar, M. J. Fouch, D. E. James, R. W. Carlson, and the High Lava Plains Seismic Working Group

Shaun Finn

Boise State University

Insights into Active Deformation of Southern Prince William Sound, Alaska, from New High-Resolution Seismic Data

S. P. Finn, L. M. Liberty, P. J. Haeussler, and T. L. Pratt

Abhijit Ghosh

University of Washington Seattle

Toward a Unified View of Tremor Distribution in Space and Time

A. Ghosh, J. E. Vidale, J. R. Sweet, K. C. Creager, A. G. Wech, and H. Houston

Jessica Griffin

Purdue University

Modeling of Three-Dimensional Regional Velocity Structure Using Wide-angle Seismic Data from the Hi-CLIMB Experiment in Tibet

J. D. Griffin, R.L. Nowack, T. L. Tseng, W. P. Chen

Nicolas Kuehn

University of Potsdam

A Bayesian Ground Motion Model for Estimating the Covariance Structure of Ground Motion Intensity Parameters

N. M. Kuehn, C. Riggelsen, F. Scherbaum, and T. I. Allen

Jonathan MacCarthy

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Tomographic Imaging of the Upper Mantle beneath the Colorado Rocky Mountains from Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Teleseismic Body Wave Residuals and Bouguer Gravity

J. K. MacCarthy, R. C. Aster, S. M. Hansen, and K. G. Dueker

Christopher Madden

Oregon State University Corvallis

Late Quaternary Shortening and Earthquake Chronology of an Active Fault in the Kashmir Basin, Northwest Himalaya

C. Madden, D. Trench, A. Meigs, S. Ahmad, M. I. Bhat, and J. D. Yule

Frederick Pearce

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Imaging with Scattered Teleseismic Waves: Data, Method, and Application to the Hellenic Subduction Zone

F. D. Pearce and S. Rondenay

Brandon Schmandt

University of Oregon Eugene

Seismic Evidence for Fossil Subduction and Small-scale Convection beneath the Northwestern U.S.

B. Schmandt and E. Humphreys

Amanda Thomas

University of California Berkeley

Tidal Triggering of LFEs near Parkfield, CA

A. T. Thomas, R. Burgmann, and D. Shelly