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2012 Student Award Winners

The 2012 SSA Student Presentation Awards were given based on evaluation by the Student Award subcommittee. Thanks to all participants, including the subcommittee for their evaluations and the committee chairs who completed evaluation forms. From among a total of 117 student presentations evaluated at the 2012 SSA Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, the subcommittee chose the following twelve for recognition:

[Photo ofKate Allstadt]Kate Allstadt
University of Washington

Extracting Source Characteristics and Dynamics of the August 2010 Mount Meager Landslide using Broadband Seismograms

K. E. Allstadt, K. C. Creager, and J. E. Vidale

[Photo ofJeremy Brown]Jeremy Brown
Stanford Univerisity

Foreshock Detection for the 1999 Mw7.1 Hector Mine Sequence Using Running Autocorrelation

J. A. Brown, J. R. Brown, and G. C. Beroza

[Photo ofJulien Chaput]Julien Chaput
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Receiver functions on ice: Crust and mantle properties from POLENET

J. A. Chaput, S. Hansen, R. Aster, A. Nyblade, D. Wiens, A. Huerta, T. Wilson, and the POLENET Group

[Photo ofAngela Chung]Angela Chung
Stanford University

Using the Quake-Catcher Network's Christchurch, New Zealand Array to Improve QCN Rapid Earthquake Detections

A. I. Chung, E. S. Cochran, C. Christensen, A. E. Kaiser, and J. F. Lawrence

[Photo ofMarine Denolle]Marine Denolle
Stanford University

Ground Motion Prediction Using Virtual Earthquakes for Kinematic Rupture Models

M. Denolle, E. M. Dunham, G. Prieto, and G. C. Beroza

[Photo ofKsenia Dmitrieva]Ksenia Dmitrieva
Stanford University

Modeling of Volcanic Tremor as Repeating Earthquakes.

K. Dmitrieva and E. M. Dunham

[Photo ofErica Emry]Erica Emry
Washington University in St. Louis

Is the Mariana Subduction Zone “decoupled”

E. L. Emry and D. A. Wiens

[Photo ofAmanda Lough]Amanda Lough
Washington University in St. Louis

Detection of Tectonic, Volcanic, and Cyrospheric Seismic Sources in Antarctica using POLENET Seismic Array and GSN Seismic Stations

A. C. Lough, C. G. Barcheck, D. A. Wiens, M. Barklage, A. Nyblad, R. A. Aster, S. Anandakrishnan, A. Huerta, and T. Wilson

[Photo ofJulian Lozos]Julian Lozos
University of California, Riverside

Seemingly Minor Details of Fault Geometry May Strongly Affect Rupture Propagation

J. C. Lozos and D. D. Oglesby

[Photo ofLingsen Meng]Lingsen Meng
California Institute of Technology

Can we do back-projection at low frequency?

L. Meng, J. P. Ampuero, Y. Luo, W. Wu, and S. Ni

[Photo ofChad Severson]Chad Severson
University of California, Riverside

Coseismic Surface Deformation of the 23 October 2011 Van Earthquake from InSAR

C. M. Severson and G. J. Funning

[Photo ofGuangfu Shao]Guangfu Shao
University of California, Santa Barbara

Slip History of the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan Earthquake Constrained by Jointly Inverting Seismic and Geodetic Observations

G. Shao, C. Ji, Z. Lu, K. Hudnut, J. Liu, W. Zhang, and Q. Wang


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