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Jesuit Seismological Association Award

The Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America honors outstanding contributions to observational seismology with the Jesuit Seismological Association Award. The award may be given for one specific contribution or for contributions through the years.

Download the Application for the Jesuit Award [PDF; 49 KB]

Past Recipients

Kenneth B.S. Burke (2013)
Robert Youngs (2012)
Charles Langston (2011)
Martitia Tuttle (2010)
Maurice Lamontagne (2009)
Won-Young Kim (2008)
Henry Hasegawa (2007)
Timothy Long (2006)
Gabriel Leblanc (2005)
Robert Mereu (2004)
John E. Ebel (2003)
Gail M. Atkinson (2002)
John Filson (2000)
Pradeep Talwani (1999)
Arch C. Johnston (1998)
Robert Herrmann (1997)
Fr. William Stauder, S.J. (1996)
Waverly Person (1995)
Gilbert A. Bollinger (1994)

Last Modified: 2014 Mar 13