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Other Job Resources

AGI Earth Magazine Job Listings Online

The American Geological Institute (AGI), a nonprofit federation of 44 geoscientific and professional associations (including SSA), has the job listings from its monthly magazine Geotimes available online at

AGI Guide to Human Resources in the Geosciences

AGI also offers this online resource which is especially useful for geoscience students. Includes the "Guide to Geoscience Careers & Employers" and the "Guide to Geoscience Departments."


Earthworks ( is an online database of career opportunities for seismologists, geodesists, mineralogists, geoscientists, mineral explorationists, petroleum scientists, climate/atmospheric scientists, space/planetary scientists, oceanographers, geographers, ecologists, remote sensing/GIS staff, environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers and hydrologists/hydrogeologists in the academic, water, upstream oil and gas, civil, and mining sectors with particular focus on North America, the U.K., Europe, Pacific Rim, and Africa.

Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences

Hosted by Carleton University, this is a collection of resources aimed at graduate students and postdocs who are considering or planning careers in academic geoscience. An outgrowth of the annual Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences Workshops.

AGU Career Center

AGU Careers in Science

The Association for Women in the Geosciences (AGW) Employment, Awards, and Scholarships Pages

The Careers in Seismology Page (from SSA's Education area)

Last Modified: 2014 May 19