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Three year PostDoc position in seismology at NORSAR – PostDoc Opportunity

Employer: NORSAR

Posted: 30 Aug 2013


NORSAR is searching a qualified candidate with a PhD in seismology or similar for a 3-year position starting as soon as possible. The candidate will be engaged on two projects:

  • The Norwegian National Seismic Network (NNSN)
  • The NEONOR_2 project, entitled "Neotectonics in Nordland - Implications for petroleum exploration".

The Norwegian National Seismic Network (NNSN) consists of more than 30 seismic stations and arrays aimed at monitoring the earthquake activity of mainland Norway, Svalbard, Jan Mayen and adjacent offshore areas. NNSN is a cooperative project between the University of Bergen and NORSAR, and is to a large part financed by the oil and gas industry. The research activities of this project will focus on improving the utilization of NNSN data, and may include topics like 3-D models for earthquake location, determination of source characteristics, and data processing and analysis methods for seismic stations, arrays and networks.

The NEONOR_2 project is multifaceted and close cooperation with other research institutes in Norway (primarily geodesy, geology) is expected. The NEONOR_2 project is led by the Norwegian Geological Survey and financed by the Research Council of Norway and a number of petroleum companies for 3 years starting in 2013. The NEONOR_2 project is described at

A large number of mobile seismic stations will during the summer/fall of 2013 be deployed in northern Norway as part of the NEONOR_2 project for a two-year data acquisition campaign. A major part of the NEONOR_2 related research will thus be conducted in the later part of the employment period. During the first part of the employment period, the main focus will be on research related to NNSN.

We are seeking a candidate capable of addressing relevant NNSN research topics, as exemplified above, for improving both operational and offline analysis aspects. Good programming skills will be necessary.

For NEONOR_2, the research will include applying advanced methods for source characterization for earthquakes recorded in the Nordland area. The candidate chosen is expected to be fluent in both spoken and written English, and experience in reporting is an advantage.

The selected candidate will work in a team with experienced colleagues. The interested candidate may inquire more about the opening by contacting Dr. Conrad Lindholm (conrad[at]norsar[dot]no) or Dr. Tormod Kvaerna (tormod[at]norsar[dot]no). Formal applications with CV (including biodata) should be sent to NORSAR's HR-department at careers[at]norsar[dot]no.

We offer a competitive salary. At the end of the 3-year term we will consider a possible extension of the PostDoc position, or alternatively a permanent position, dependent on performance, qualifications and project portfolio.

NORSAR ( is a private not-for-profit research foundation located in Kjeller (outside of Oslo, Norway). NORSAR conducts research, development and advanced consultancy in the fields of geophysics, seismology, applied seismology and earthquake engineering. It is today among the world's largest seismological observatories, and provides services and technology both to the public sector and to private customers.

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