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LANL Geophysicist Position Opening – Job Opening

Employer: LANL

Posted: 9 Oct 2013

The Geophysics Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory performs research and develops solutions for United States national security and nuclear explosion monitoring (treaty monitoring) with the goal of detecting and characterizing clandestine nuclear explosions anywhere in the world. The Group is characterized by a balance of basic and applied research, encompassing experimental and computational analysis, which leads to the development of novel and integrated capabilities that are then utilized to address practical problems for sponsors in multiple offices in DOE, NNSA, other federal agencies, and industry.

We are looking for a creative, experienced professional scientist to join our interdisciplinary team to take a leadership role in research to detect and characterize clandestine nuclear explosions using multi-phenomenology explosion monitoring (MultiPEM) approaches. The position offers the opportunity for challenging, professional collaborations on multi-disciplinary teams.

We have a need for a scientist with expertise in one or more of; explosion or seismic source characterization, source effects on wave propagation, seismic analysis, infrasound acoustics, non-seismic methods such as gravity, electrical and electromagnetic techniques, ground penetrating radar, etc. Projects range from energy development to national security applications, with many emphasizing multiphenomenology monitoring and assessment (i.e., MultiPEM). Experience is sought in theoretical development, modeling, or data analysis using these techniques to solve a variety of earth science problems. We are also interested in individuals with a strong statistics background who can work with multidisciplinary teams with chemists, mathematicians, and other scientific disciplines.

The successful candidate will conduct innovative research and will develop and lead projects supported by interdisciplinary teams of scientists and staff. He/she will interact regularly with sponsors to understand their goals and will author programmatic reports that address problems of national importance. The candidate is expected to publish in peer-reviewed journals and present at national conferences.

For more information on specific requirements, salary, and to apply for the position, go the LANL web site ( and search for position IRC19512

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