Joyner Fund Celebrates SSA's 100th

From Seismological Research Letters Volume 78, Number 1, January/February 2007

About 100 people gathered in San Francisco at a gala birthday party for the Seismological Society of America on 20 November 2006, the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the first SSA constitution. The celebration was planned by members of the Committee for the William B. Joyner Memorial Fund at the initiative of committee member Thomas Hanks and marked the close of SSA’s centennial year.

The event began with the presentation of the 2006 William B. Joyner Distinguished Lecture by Norman Abrahamson, whose lecture was titled, “The Seismology-Engineering Interface: The Need for Two-Way Flow of Information.”

Following the Joyner Lecture, SSA President Mike Fehler and two distinguished past presidents, Lloyd Cluff and Clarence Allen, shared their thoughts and recollections about the evolution of seismology and of the Society. The celebration concluded with birthday cake and champagne. The event was hosted by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and held in the PG&E auditorium, site of the Society’s meetings in its early years.

More information about the activities of the Joyner Memorial Fund is available here.

  SSA President Michael Fehler

SSA President Michael Fehler. (Photo by L. Cluff)

 Lloyd Cluff, Tom Hanks, Norm Abrahamson, Mary Lou Joyner, & Allin Cornell

From left to right: Lloyd Cluff, Tom Hanks, Norm Abrahamson, Mary Lou Joyner, and 2005 Joyner Lecturer Allin Cornell. (Courtesy of L. Cluff)

Norm Abrahamson & Tom Hanks

Norm Abrahamson receives the 2006 Joyner Lecturer award from Tom Hanks on behalf of the Joyner Committee. (Photo by L. Cluff)

Lloyd Cluff

SSA past President and 2004 Joyner Lecturer Lloyd Cluff. (Courtesy of L. Cluff)

Clarence Allen

SSA past President Clarence Allen. (Photo by J. Troyer)

Party Scene
Party Goers
The Cake
Lloyd Cluff
Sesimologists Chatting

(Additional photos courtesy of L. Cluff, J.Troyer)

Posted: 19 January 2007