“Before there was a Memphis: the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812” is the topic of a public meeting to understand the early history (1782-1810) of southwest Tennessee and large sequences of earthquakes that have occurrred several times in the Central U.S. over the past 1500 years. An overview will also be provided on upcoming New Madrid Bicentennial events in the Memphis area.

Speakers will include the incoming SSA President; Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton; Jimmy Ogle, Memphis History Lecturer; Kent Moran, Historian at The Center for Earthquake Research in Information; Buddy Schweig, USGS; and Chuck Langston, CERI Director.

The meeting will be held 7:00-8:30 Wednesday evening, April 13, 2011 The event will be open to the public for the purpose of informing the general population and public officials about earthquake-related issues.

Download: Town Hall Meeting Flyer [PDF; 156 KB] ; Hi-Res Version [PDF; 6MB]