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2013 Annual Meeting
17-19 April
Salt Lake City, Utah

Mobile Web App for Smart Phones

For this year's annual meeting SSA has developed a free mobile web application for smart phones which contains complete program schedule information, full text of all presentation abstracts, information about several of the special events to be held during the meeting, maps of the meeting space, and links to other useful information. To download the app to your device* please follow these instructions:

* This web application has been formatted for and tested in Mobile Safari running on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. It should also work on iPads and in web browsers on many other mobile devices (e.g., Android phones and tablets). Please note that the instructions below are specific to iOS devices but the basic process on other devices should be fairly similar.
Note: App updated with last minute schedule changes Fri 4/12 2 PM PDT.
  1. Open Safari on your iPhone, iPod Touch and enter the following URL:
    You should see a screen that looks like this:
    [iPhone App Screenshot]
  2. Please wait for the app to finish loading before continuing. When it has finished your screen should look like this:
    [iPhone App Screenshot]
  3. Tap the center button at the bottom of the screen (in older versions of Mobile Safari the button looks like this [iPhone App Screenshot] and in newer versions it looks like this [iPhone App Screenshot]).
  4. Tap on the "Add to Home Screen" button.
    [iPhone App Screenshot][iPhone App Screenshot]
  5. You will be prompted to set the name of the Web App, which has already been predefined as "SSA 2013" in the text box. You may change this if you wish or just accept the default name by tapping on the "Add" button in the upper right hand corner.
    [iPhone App Screenshot]
  6. The icon for the SSA 2013 Web App will then appear on your device's home screen. You can run it just like any other app by tapping on it.
    [iPhone App Screenshot]
  7. Once the app has been loaded onto your iPhone or iPod Touch it should work even when you don't have an internet connection (except for links to external websites). If your device prompts you to connect to the internet when opening the app and no connection is available you may safely ignore it and continue to access the app. Please note that offline operation requires ios version 3.2 or later.

This app represents SSA’s first venture into the world of mobile web applications. Unfortunately we are unable to provide technical support during the meeting, but we would like to hear any feedback you may wish to offer so that we may improve the application for future meetings. Please email any questions, comments, bug reports or etc. to webmaster [at] seismosoc [dot] org.

Last Modified: 2013 Apr 12