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Levine2013 Annual Meeting
17–19 April
Salt Lake City, Utah

Pre-Meeting Workshop

Sponsored by the SSA Kanamori Fund

Tuesday, 16 April 2013, 1:00-5:00 PM - $25-sign up fee
(the day before the start of the regular meeting program).

Career Game-Changers:
Strategic Avenues to Landing the Right Job and Finding Success in Science

Workshop Presenter: Alaina G. Levine, President, Quantum Success Solutions

Alaina asks the big questions early-mid career scientists and engineers often have the most difficulty answering.

“Where does your value as a scientist come from?”
“Why is identifying and articulating your value so important?”
“What is your greatest asset?”
“What is the secret to your success?”

The answers are not always straightforward and this workshop is here to give early-mid career scientists and engineers the tools needed to create their own path. Participants will leave the workshop and their one-on-one career consulting session with the skills necessary to understand and utilize their own value, to maximize their potential, and to achieve their career goals both in the short and long term.

Specifically targeted towards graduate students, postdocs, and early career professionals, this workshop will focus on the current and expanding crisis in the job and career market for scientists, and how early-career scientists can best prepare for this challenge. We will specifically address career planning strategies for international scholars, and touch on opportunities both in and outside of academia.

Topics Include

  • How to orchestrate a personal career plan and develop a Plan B and Plan C for contingencies;
  • What early-career scientists should do now to enhance their CVs/resumes and research reputations;
  • What traditional and non-traditional career opportunities are available;
  • How to access and assess “hidden” job opportunities;
  • The biggest mistakes early career scientists can make and how to avoid them (this can be removed or edited)
  • How to develop a networking strategy that delivers real results;
  • How to find unique sources of funding.

One-on-One Career Consulting Sessions

After the workshop, Alaina will meet with workshop participants about career issues. As a neutral, external, third-party, she can be a completely confidential and objective resource who can provide advice specifically for your situation.  Consultations will be approximately 20 minutes long and will be offered to the first 36 who sign up for the course.   Participants meet to discuss any career-related issues they have including: career planning and searching, CV/resume writing; cover letter writing, professional development, professional etiquette, networking, negotiation, etc. Participants are encouraged to bring their CV/resume, cover letter, or any other item they wish to have evaluated.


"This was absolutely the best talk, presentation, or article on CVs and Resumes I have ever heard. The deep insights went so far beyond the simple formatting and content of a resume." - B.B.

“Let me tell you that this was one of the most fabulous events I have ever organized or attended! Alaina was an experienced and energetic speaker, and I have received nothing but positive feedback. She has a gift for keeping a large audience engaged!” – Shana Passanno, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Institute for Cellular Engineering

"Alaina rocks as a presenter. She is completely engaging."

“Enlightening. Alaina opened up doors for me to find my own strategy to success. Because of her presentation, I feel better equipped to achieve my goals.”

“I particularly appreciated your straight-talking style and extremely relevant insider insights into how conventional wisdom on careers, networking and professionalism can be tailored to the scientific industry.”


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