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Source Parameters Analysis of the Regional Moment Tensor Inversion in the Caribbean Region

A. CAMERON, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez,; E. ASENCIO, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez,; C. VON HILLEBRANDT-ANDRADE, Puerto Rico Seismic Network,; V. HUERFANO, Puerto Rico Seismic Network,; C. MENDOZA, Centro de Geociencias UNAM,

A recent study by Mendoza (2005) estimates earthquake source parameters using regional Caribbean waveforms recorded at SJG, an IRIS station in Cayey, Puerto Rico, by using a general crustal model to generate synthetic Green’s functions at a fixed depth. In this study, we apply Mendoza (2005) method by using one or more broadband stations of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network. We used the PREM velocity model (Dziewonski and Anderson, 1981) to improve the solutions of the earthquake source parameters compared to solutions reported by International Agencies. We also implemented an iterative technique to estimate the depth of the event. By band-pass filtering the observed and synthetic waveforms from 30-60 sec, our model parameters proved to be more robust than those used by Mendoza (2005), therefore improving the tsunami alerting capabilities in the Caribbean Region.


Last Modified: 2011 Aug 10