SSA 2000
Program for the 95th Annual Meeting
Hanalei Hotel Rooms
San Diego, California -- 9-12 April 2000

Presenter is indicated in bold.


Overview of Technical Program

Oral Sessions

 Bay/Lahaina RoomPacific/Surf/Tropic RoomCove 1/Cove 2 RoomParadise Room
9:00 a.m.-
12:00 noon
Recent Topical EarthquakesThe Interface between Engineers and Seismologists  
2:00 p.m.-
5:00 p.m.
CTBT Monitoring and the Global Seismic Network3D Imaging of the Earth's Crust  
9:00 a.m.-
12:00 noon
Accounting for Site Effects in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Near-surface Geophysical ImagingOpportunities in Industry for Seismology Students--panel discussion (10 a.m.)
2:30 p.m.-
5:30 p.m.
Seismology in Education   
9:00 a.m.-
12:00 noon
Seismology and the NSF Earthscope Initiative"Terra Scale" Computing and Earthquake Science  
2:00 p.m.-
3:30 p.m.
Interfacing Seismology with Other Geophysical Disciplines (REM/GEM)   
3:40 p.m.-
5:10 p.m.
Combined Use of Seismic and Geodetic Data-- SSA/UNAVCO/SCIGN Joint Session   

Poster Sessions: Coast/Kona Room

8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.CTBT Monitoring and the Global Seismic Network A1-AA12 (38 posters)
 3D Imaging of the Earth's Crust B1-B12
1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.The Interface between Engineers and Seismologists A1-A8
 Recent Topical Earthquakes B1-B22
 Seismo-miscellany C1-C12
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.Seismic Arrays of the Future: "Zero Maintenance" Stations/New Technology and Telemetry--Offshore and Onshore Arrays A1-A16
 Seismic Events through the Ages B1-B29
 Seismology in Education C1-C4
1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.Accounting for Site Effects in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis A1-A29
 Near-surface Geophysical Imaging B1-B7
 Seismology and Volcanoes C1-C6
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.Combined Use of Seismic and Geodetic Data-- SSA/UNAVCO/SCIGN Joint Session A1-A17
 Interfacing Seismology with Other Geophysical Disciplines (REM/GEM) B1-B6
 Seismic Structures, Big and Small C1-C11
1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.Seismology and the NSF Earthscope Initiative A1-A6
 Strong Motions and Probabilistic Seismic Hazards B1-B17
 "Terra Scale" Computing and Earthquake Science C1-C6



Monday a.m., 10 April 2000--Bay/Lahaina Room
Recent Topical Earthquakes
Presiding: James Dolan and Ahmed Elgamal

9:00   The August 17, 1999 Izmit, and November 12, 1999 Duzce, Turkey, Earthquakes. Dolan, J. F., Hartleb, R. D., Akyuz, S., Barka, A., and Altunel, E.

9:30   Overview of the Mw 7.1 Hector Mine, California Earthquake of October 16, 1999. Jones, L. M.

10:00   Jumping Dislocations--The 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake. Teng, T. L., Huang, B. S., and Shin, T.

Monday a.m., 10 April 2000--Pacific/Surf/Tropic Room
The Interface between Engineers and Seismologists
Presiding: François Heuzé and Steven Day

9:00   Blurring the Interface between Seismology and Earthquake Engineering. Archuleta, R. J.

9:25   Magnitude Scaling, Rupture Directivity, and Basin Response Issues at the Interface between Earthquake Engineering and Seismology. Somerville, P. G.

9:50   Effective Cross-disciplinary Communication in Projects to Improve Urban Earthquake Risk Management. Cardona, C., Dwelley-Samant, L., Tucker, B., Villacis, C.

10:15   Break

10:25   Estimating Site-specific Strong Earthquake Motions--A Combined Science and Engineering Approach. Heuzé, F. E.

10:50   Excessive Conservatism due to the Seismology-engineering Interface: An Example in Nuclear Power Plant Equipment Seismic Qualification. Nigbor, R. L. and Diehl, J. G.

Monday a.m., 10 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
CTBT Monitoring and the Global Seismic Network

A1   Azimuth Determination of Continuous Signals Using Narrow-band Seismic Array Analysis Techniques. Alde, Douglas M. and Fehler, Michael C.

A2   Array Site Survey and Design for Two New IMS Primary Stations in China. Astiz, L., Ebeling, C., Barrientos, S., Zhong, Z., Zhou, G.

A3   LG "Arrival" Times: A New Depth Discriminant. Baker, G. E., Xu, H., and Stevens, J. L.

A4   The Effect of Secondary Arrivals on Regional Earthquake Locations. Begnaud, M. L., Steck, L. K., and Velasco, A. A.

A5   Depths of Earthquakes in Eastern Canada from Regional Data. Bent, A. L. and Perry, H. K. C.

A6   Building and Validating a Regional Model of the Former Soviet Union. Bhattacharyya, J., Flanagan, M., Schultz, C., Pasyanos, M., and Walter, W.

A7   Distribution of Precarious Rocks around the Nevada Test Site: Comparison with Ground Motion Predictions from Nuclear Tests. Brune, J. N., Von Seggern, D., and Anooshehpoor, A.

A8   Seismic Effect from Industrial Blasting Operation at Norilsk Mining Groups and Muruntau Gold Quarry. Bykovtsev, A. S.

A9   Location of Events in the Region of Bolivia. Drake, L. A.

A10   Improving Regional Event Locations in the Middle East by Incorporating Model-based Correction Surfaces Derived from 3-D Velocity Structures. Flanagan, M. P., Schultz, C. A., Myers, S. C., Pasyanos, M. E., Walter, W. R., and Koper, K. D.

A11   Two-dimensional Finite-difference Modeling of Broadband Regional Wave Propagation Phenomena: Implications for Phase Identification. Goldstein, P., Ryall, F., Pasyanos, M., Schultz, C., Walter, W.

A12   Acoustic-to-seismic Wave Coupling Study at Ascension Island. Hanson, J. A. and Harben, P.

A13   Investigation of Teleseismic P-wave Complexity for Seismic Event Screening--Results Determined from GRF and GERESS Array Data. Koch, K. and Schlittenhardt, J.

A14   Identification of Earthquakes and Explosions at Regional Distance Based on Estimates of Spectral Variance. Koch, K.

A15   Stable Source Estimates Using Regional Narrow Band Coda Envelopes: Application to CTBT Monitoring, and Seismic Hazard Prediction in the Middle East Region. Mayeda, Kevin, Hofstetter, Abraham, Walter, William R., and Rodgers, Arthur.

A16   Crustal Reverberations and Scattering of Long-range Arrivals from Peaceful Nuclear Explosions. Morozov, I. B., Smithson, S. B., and Levander, A. R.

A17   Improved Focal Depth Determination for Use in CTBT Monitoring. Murphy, J. R. and Cook, R. W.

A18   Predicting Future Seismicity from Incomplete Catalogs: Techniques and Applications to Nuclear Explosion Monitoring. Myers, S. C. and Walter, W. R.

A19   Locating Cluster Events: Nuclear Explosions at NTS. Paquette, A. M., Wallace, T. C., and Tinker, M. A.

A20   Predicting Geophysical Measurements: Testing a Combined Empirical and Model-based Approach Using Surface Waves. Pasyanos, M. E.

A21   Ms:mb Relationships at Small Magnitudes: Observations and Analysis of mb Based on Regional P- and S-wave Phases. Patton, H. J.

A22   Regional Coda Magnitudes in Central Asia. Phillips, W. S., Hartse, H. E., and Mayeda, K. M.

A23   Hydroacoustic to Seismic Conversion of T waves at the IMS Station HA5B. Piserchia, P. F. and Rodrigues, D.

A24   Event Location with a 3-D Velocity Model of the Pakistan-India Region. Rieven, S., Rodi, W., Bernard, M. and Reiter, D.

A25   T-Phase Observations from the May 1999 Ascension Island Experiment: Severe Attenuation of High-frequency Hydroacoustic Waves. Rodgers, A., Harben, P., Blackman, D., and Pulli, J.

A26   Improved Methods for Regionalized Surface Wave Analysis. Stevens, J. L. and Adams, D. A.

A27   Seismic Array Measurements of Single-fired Explosions at Regional Distances. Stump, B. W., Pearson, D. C., and Hsu, V.

A28   Comparative Study of Local Site Effects at Three Regional Arrays. Stump, B. and Bonner, J.

A29   Using Radially Heterogeneous and Azimuthally Invariant Travel-time Models to Improve Seismic Event Location in the Middle East and North Africa. Swenson, J. L., Schultz, C. A., Hanley, W. G., and Myers, S. C.

A30   Calibration Studies at NVAR (Mina, Nevada) Seismic Array. Tibuleac, I. M., Negraru, P., and Herrin, E. T.

A31   Testing Event Location Capability with Events from the Semipalatinsk Test Site, Kazakstan. Trabant, C. M., Thurber, C. H., Hartog, R., and Haslinger, F.

A32   Utilizing Large Integrated Data Sets for Regional Seismic Research in Asia. Velasco, A. A.

A33   Three-dimensional Velocity Models of Eurasia for Improving Regional Event Location. Villaseñor, A., Ritzwoller, M. H., Barmin, M., Levshin, A., and Engdahl, E. R.

A34   Slowness-azimuth Station Corrections for the IMS Seismic Network. Wang, J., McLaughlin, K., and Israelsson, H.

A35   Application of F statistics to Depth Phase Beamforming. Woodgold, C. R. D.

Monday a.m., 10 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
3D Imaging of the Earth's Crust

B1   Constraints on Basin and Range Extensional Timing and Style from Tomographic Imaging in Southern Nevada. Biasi, G. P.

B2   Subsurface Structure of the Banning Fault Zone in San Gorgonio Pass, Southern California from High-resolution Seismic Imaging. Catchings, R. D., Rymer, M. J., Goldman, M. R., and Gandhok, G.

B3   Receiver Function Study of the Crust and Upper Mantle beneath Europe and Western Asia. Foster, J., Simmons, N. A., and Gurrola, H.

B4   The Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment, Phase II (LARSE II)--A Survey to Identify Major Faults and Seismic Hazards beneath a Large Urban Region. Fuis, G. S., Criley, E. E., Murphy, J. M., Perron, J. T., Yong, A., Benthien, M. L., Baher, S. A., Clayton, R. W., Davis, P. M., Godfrey, N. J., Henyey, T. L., Kohler, M. D., McRaney, J. K., Okaya, D. A., Simila, G., Keller, G. R., Prodehl, C., Ryberg, T., Thybo, H., and ten Brink, U. S.

B5   Lithospheric Structure beneath Western U.S. from the Joint Inversion of Receiver Function and Surface-wave Dispersion Observations. Julia, J., Ammon, C. J., and Herrmann, R. B.

B6   Imaging the Hawaiian Swell Using Ocean Bottom Instruments. Laske, G., Orcutt, J., and Phipps Morgan, J.

B7   Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure beneath Polar Regions from Broadband Surface Waves. Levshin, A. L., Ritzwoller, M. H., Barmin, M. P., Villasenor, A., and Trampert, J.

B8   Regional Crustal Thickness Variations of the Peninsular Ranges and Gulf Extensional Province, Northern Baja California and Southern Alta California. Lewis, J. L., Day, S. M., Castro, R., Astiz, L., Rebollar, C., Eakins, J., Vernon, F., Brune, J., and Magistrale, H.

B9   The SCEC Southern California 3D Seismic Velocity Model Version 2. Magistrale, H., Day, S., Clayton, R., and Graves, R.

B10   Two- and Three-D Active and Passive Seismic Studies of the Nisyros Volcano--East Aegean Sea. Makris, J., Chonia, T., Stavrakakis, G., and Nikolova, S.

B11   Estimate of Moho Depth Topography in Northern Baja California Using Refracted Waves. Reyes, L. M. and Rebollar C. J.

B12   Inverting for a Three-dimensional P-wave Velocity Model for the Charlevoix Seismic Zone, Québec, Canada. Vlahovic, G., Powell, C., and Lamontagne, M.

Monday p.m., 10 April 2000--Bay/Lahaina Room
CTBT Monitoring and the Global Seismic Network
Presiding: Tom Bache and Jeff Stevens

2:00   Toward a Rapid, High-quality, Global Geophysical Bulletin: The Promise of the CTBT International Data Centre (IDC). Bratt, S. R. and IDC Staff.

2:25   Unique Aspects of IMS Data: Surprises and Pitfalls for Users of This Massive Data Set. Stevens, J. L.

2:50   The International Monitoring System: A Global Network for Verification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Suarez, Gerardo.

3:15   Break

3:25   Mining the IMS Database for Basic Seismology Research. Wallace, T. C., Koper, K., Miller, A., Bredbeck, T., and Tinker, M.

3:50   Travel-time Calibration of Regional Seismic Networks for CTBT Monitoring: Implications for Basic Research to Map the Heterogeneous Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle. Zucca, John J., Schulz, Craig, Walter, William, Harris, David B., and Pasyanos, Mike.

Monday p.m., 10 April 2000--Pacific/Surf/Tropic Room
3D Imaging of the Earth's Crust
Presiding: Graham Kent and John Orcutt

2:00   High Resolution Seismic Investigations at a Shallow Groundwater Contamination Site. Levander, A., Dana, D., Morozov, I. B., Zelt, C. A., Symes, W. W., and Araya, K.

2:20   U.S.-Japan Collaborative Seismic Investigation of the Nankai Trough Plate-boundary Interface and Shallowmost Seismogenic Zone. Bangs, N. L., Shipley, T. H., Kuramoto, S., Taira, A., Moore, G. F., and Shipboard Scientific Party.

2:40   3-D Reflection Imaging of Mid-ocean Ridge Magma Chambers. Kent, G. M., Harding, A. H., and Orcutt, John A.

3:00   Three-dimensional Variability of a Methane Hydrate/Gas System, Blake Ridge. Holbrook, S.

3:20   Break

3:30   Tomographic Imaging of Crustal Structure from the Yellowstone Volcanic Field and the Intermountain Seismic Belt Using Earthquake and Controlled Source Data. Smith, R. B., Miller, D. and Lynch, D.

3:50   A New Generation of Portable Seismic Landstations: The Texans. Harder, S., Keller, G. R., and Miller, K. C.

4:10   3-D Tomographic Imaging of the Oceanic Crust. Bazin, S., Kent, G., Harding, A., Orcutt, J., Tong, C. H., Singh, S., Barton, P., Sinha, M., and White, R.

4:30   U.S. National Ocean Bottom Seismic Instrumentation Pool. Babcock, J., Orcutt, J. A., Kent, G., Harding, A., Detrick, R., Collins, J., and Webb, Spahr.

Monday p.m., 10 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
The Interface between Engineers and Seismologists

A1   Mine Seismicity and the Interface between Mining Engineers and Seismologists. Arabasz, Walter J. and McCarter, Michael K.

A2   Strong Ground Motion Time Histories from Stochastic Simulations of M 6.8 Earthquakes and Nonlinear Wave Propagation at the UCSB Campus. Archuleta, R. J., Bonilla, L. F., Liu, P.-C., Lavallee, D., Steidl, J. H., and Heuzé, F.

A3   Hysteretic and Dilatant Behavior of Soils and Their Effects on Nonlinear Site Response: Introducing the Generalized Masing Rules. Bonilla, L. F., Lavallée, D., and Archuleta, R. J.

A4   Simplified V/H Spectral Ratios and Vertical Design Response Spectra for Engineering Applications. Bozorgnia, Yousef and Campbell, Kenneth W.

A5   Analysis of Tunnel Boring Machine Seismic Signal Attenuation. Doll, C. G., Lacoss, R. T., Greaves, R. J., Steck, L. K., and Roberts, P. M.

A6   A Bayesian Approach to Estimating Peak Ground Accelerations from MMI Data. Ebel, J. E. and Wald, D. J.

A7   Energy Radiation from Multistory Buildings under Harmonic Excitation. Favela, J. and Heaton, T. H.

A8   Seismic Shear Deformation of Compliant Fine-grained Soil. Kayen, R. E. and Ozaki, R.

A9   Soil Structure Interaction Studies and Identification of Structural Models from the Earthquake Responce of an Instrumented Building in Mexico City. Reyes, A. and Fong, D.

Monday p.m., 10 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Recent Topical Earthquakes

B1   A Preliminary Study of the Aftershocks of the Normal-faulting Oaxaca Earthquake of Sep. 30, 1999 (Mw = 7.5). Aguirre, J., Montalvo, J. C., Lermo, J., Contreras, M., Briones, E., Shapiro, N., Pacheco, J., Singh, S. K., Cruz, V., and Iglesias, A.

B2   Strong Ground Motions from the Kocaeli and Duzce, Turkey, Earthquakes and Possible Implications for Seismic Hazard Analysis. Anderson, John G., Sucuoglu, Haluk, Anooshehpoor, Rasool, and Brune, James N.

B3   How Complete Was Stress Drop in the Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake? Andrews, D. J.

B4   Initial Results from Waveform Inversion of Seismic Fault Zone Waves in the Karadere-Duzce Branch of the North Anatolian Fault. Ben-Zion, Yehuda, Okaya, David, Peng, Zhigang, Michael, Andrew J., Seeber, Leonardo, and Armbruster, John G.

B5   Damage, Site Response, and Building Response in Avcilar, West of Istanbul, Turkey. Cranswick, Edward, Meremonte, Mark, Safak, Erdal, Overturf, Dee, Frankel, Arthur, Ozel, Oguz, and Erdik, Mustafa.

B6   Characteristics of the Surface Rupture Associated with the 16 October 1999 Hector Mine, California Earthquake. Fenton, C. H. and Dober, M. C.

B7   Deformation Episodes in Mexicali Valley (México) during and after the October 16, 1999, Hector Mine Earthquake. Glowacka, E., Nava, F. A., Diaz de Cossio, G., and Farfan, F.

B8   Did the 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake Occur in the Stress Shadow of the 1992 Landers Earthquake? Harris, Ruth A. and Simpson, R. W.

B9   The 1999 Izmit, Turkey Earthquake--A Test of the Dynamic Sress Transfer Model for Intra-earthquake Triggering. Harris, Ruth A., Dolan, James F., Hartleb, Ross, and Day, Steven M.

B10   Surface Rupture Mapping of the Karadere Segment of the 17 August 1999 Izmit, Turkey Earthquake and the Western Section of the 11 November 1999 Duzce, Turkey Earthquake. Hartleb, R. D. and Dolan, J. F.

B11   Surface Rupture, Slip Distribution, and Other Geologic Observations Associated with the M 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake of 16 October 1999. Hector Mine Earthquake Geologic Working Group.

B12   Slip History of 1999 Hector Mine, California Earthquke. Ji, C., Wald, D. J., and Helmberger, D. V.

B13   Fault-related Deformation Resulting from the Chi-Chi (Taiwan) Earthquake: Preliminary Conclusions of the NSF-PEER Reconnaissance Team. Kelson, K. I., Kieffer S., Sitar, N., Wright, R., Wells, D., and Perkins, W.

B14   Influence of Pull-apart Basins on Rupture Mechanics of the August 17, 1999 Kocaeli Earthquake. Lettis, W. R., Bachhuber, J. L., Witter, R. C., Brankman, C. M., Hengesh, J. V., and Page, W. D.

B15   Trapped Waves at the Lavic Lake Fault Ruptured in the M 7.1 Hector Mine, California, Earthquake. Li, Y.-G. and Vidale, J. E.

B16   GPS Observations of Pre-, Co-, and Postseismic Deformation for the 1999, Izmit and Duzce, Turkey Earthquakes. McClusky, S., Ayhan, E., Barka, A., Burgmann, R., Ergintav, S., and Gurkan, O.

B17   The Izmit (Turkey) 1999 Earthquake: QTVR Damage Survey, HVSR Ground Amplification Measurements, and Preliminary EMS Intensity Assessment. Mucciarelli, M., Gallipoli, M. R., and Camassi, R.

B18   Comparison of Ground Motion from the Chi-Chi, Taiwan, Earthquake with Precarious Rock Estimates of Bounds on Ground Motion for the 1952 M = 7.6 Kern County, Calif., Earthquake. Ni, S., Brune, James N., and Anderson, John G.

B19   Fault Geometry and the 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) Earthquake. Oglesby, D. D. and Day, S. M.

B20   Postseismic Deformation from the Hector Mine Earthquake as Measured by Survey-mode GPS. Owen, S. E., Agnew, D. C., Anderson, G., Johnson, H., Hurst, K., Reilinger, R., Shen, Z.-K., and Svarc, J.

B21   TriNet Strong-motion Data from the M 7.1 Hector Mine, California Earthquake: Ground Motions in the Los Angeles Basin. Scrivner, C. W., Graizer, V., Shakal, A., Cao, T., Hauksson, E., Polet, J., and Jones, L.

B22   Pore Pressure Changes Associated with the Hector Mine Earthquake Observed In Situ at the Garner Valley Deephole Experiment. Steidl, J. H. and Archuleta, R. J.

Monday p.m., 10 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room

C1   Source Complexity of the Cap-Rouge Earthquake: Moderate Earthquakes Yield Their Secrets. Adams, J. and Haddon, R. A. W.

C2   Physics and Mathematical Simulation of Earthquake Processes. Bykovtsev, A. S.

C3   New Methodologies for Study of Active Faults Interaction. Bykovtsev, A. S. and Makogon, M. A.

C5   Effect of Depth-dependent Shear Modulus on Tsunami Generation. Geist, E. L. and Bilek, S. L.

C6   Search for Paleoearthquakes at the Eastern Border Faults of the Ruhr Graben, Lower Rhine Embayment, Middle Europe. Hinzen, K.-G., Pelzing, R., Lehmann, K., and Reamer, S. K.

C7   The Potential Hazard from Tsunami and Seiche Waves Generated by Large Earthquakes within the Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada. Ichinose, G. A., Anderson, J. G., Satake, K., Schweickert, R. A., and Lahren, M. M.

C8   Mid-Holocene Slip Rate on the San Andreas Fault near Fort Ross, California. Langridge, R. M. and Prentice, C. S.

C9   A Genetic Algorithm Stress Inversion Method. Michael, A. J.

C10   Tectonic Effects of Subduction of a Seamont: Seismic Evidences of Underplating and Formation of a New Shallow Seismic Zone. Regnier, M., Decourt, R., Baldassari, C., and Caminade, J.-P.

C11   Possible Post-1857 Surface Rupture of the San Andreas Fault Southeast of Cholame in the Northern Carrizo Plain. Stone, E. M., Arrowsmith, J. R., and Grant, L. B.

C12   Modeling Characteristic Earthquakes in Charleston, South Carolina. Wells, D. L. and Chiou, S. J.

Tuesday a.m., 11 April 2000--Bay/Lahaina Room
Accounting for Site Effects in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
Presiding: Edward Field and Jamie Steidl

9:00   Accounting for Site Effects in Probabilistic Hazard Analysis: An Overview of the SCEC Phase-III Report. Field, E. H. and the SCEC Phase-III Working Group.

9:20   Evaluation of Methods for Estimating Linear Site Response Amplifications in the Los Angeles Region. Wald, L. A. and Mori, J.

9:40   Site Amplification in the Los Angeles Basin from 3D Modeling of Ground Motion. Olsen, K. B.

10:00   Site Response in Southern California for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis. Steidl, J. H.

10:20   Break

10:30   Toward a Custom Southern California Ground Motion Relationship Based on Analysis of Residuals. Lee, Y., Anderson, J. G., and Zeng, Y.

10:50   Expected Shape of Regressions for Ground Motion Parameters on Rock. Anderson, John G.

11:10   Expected Signature of Nonlinearity on Regression for Strong Ground Motion Parameters. Ni, S., Anderson, J. G., Zeng, Y., and Siddharthan, R. V.

11:30   A Test of Various Site-response Parameterizations in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis. Field, E. H., Petersen, M. D., and Abrahamson, N. A.

Tuesday a.m., 11 April 2000--Cove 1/Cove 2 Room
Near-surface Geophysical Imaging
Presiding: George Jiracek and Howard Magistrale

9:00   High Resolution 3D Imaging with GPR. Annan, P.

9:25   Imaging of Near-surface Compressional- and Shear-wave Velocities and Attenuation Using Downhole Seismic Profiling. Boore, D. M., Gibbs, J. F., Joyner, W. B., Liu, H.-P., and Brown, L. T.

9:50   SUBSCAN: A New Geophysical Tools for Imaging Shallow Water Environments. Driscoll, N. W. and Kent, G.

10:15   Break

10:25   Applications of and Recent Developments in Shallow Seismic Reflection. Steeples, D. W., Schmeissner, C. M., and Baker, G. S.

10:50   High-resolution Seismic Imaging of Fault Zones for Earthquake Hazards. Stephenson, W. J., Williams, R. A., Odum, J. K., and Pratt, T. L.

11:15   In Situ Characterization of Geotechnical Systems with Shear Waves. Stokoe, K. H. II, Bay, J. A., Rosenblad, B. L., Brown, L. T., and Boore, D. M.

Tuesday a.m., 11 April 2000--Paradise Room
Opportunities in Industry for Seismology Students--panel discussion
Presiding: Tom Bache and Jeff Stevens

Tuesday a.m., 11 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Seismic Arrays of the Future: "Zero Maintenance" Stations/New Technology and Telemetry--Offshore and Onshore Arrays

A1   The Hawaii-2 Observatory (H2O): First Seafloor GSN Station. Butler, R., Duennebier, F. K., and Chave, A. D.

A2   Recent Enhancements to the Rapid Earthquake Data Integration (REDI) System. Gee, L., Fulton, S., Dreger, D., Kaverina, A., Neuhauser, D., Murray, M., and Romanowicz, B.

A3   Offshore Geodetic Monitoring on the Southeast Flank of Kilauea Volcano. Hildebrand, J. A., Chadwell, C. D., Wiggins, S. M., and Spiess, F. N.

A4   A Waveform Picker/Locator for the Earthworm System Using a World Wide Web Interface. Lin, K. W., Aster, R. C., and Sanford, A. R.

A5   Overview of the Alaskan Experience with Multiscale, Multiproject, Multisensor, Real-time Geophysical Data Processing. Lindquest, K. G. and Hansen, R. A.

A6   SCSN/TriNet Solutions to Common System Design Issues. Maechling, P., Small, P., Hafner, K., Rajeshuni, S., Hutton, K., Polet, J., Hauksson, E., Given, D., Walter, A., and Jones, L.

A7   A Microseismicity Study of Cyprus by On- and Offshore Local Seismic Arrays. Makris, J., Staecker, J., and Stavrakakis, G.

A8   Evaluation Testing of the Kinemetrics/Quanterra Q730B Borehole Installation Digitizers. McDonald, T. S. and Kromer, R. P.

A9   New Programs and Tools for Extending Modern Seismology to the Ocean. Orcutt, J.

A10   The PCC's Building Strong Motion Virtual Instrumentation Array. Remote Access and Monitoring System for In-situ Data Processing and Data Base Transmition to Authorized Users. Reyes, A., Rocha, E., Diaz de Cossio, G., Sanchez, J. and Fong, D.

A11   Automated PC-network-based Seismic Monitoring Systems Applied to Mining Hazards Research. Swanson, P. L.

A12   Ultra-low Frequency (60 nHz-0.4 mHz) Seismic Background Noise and Signal Characteristics Observed at BDSN Station YBH. Uhrhammer, R. A.

A13   The LDEO Ocean Bottom Seismometer Facility. Webb, Spahr C.

A14   Crustal Model and Noise Parameters for New Seismic Stations in the TexSeis Network. White, B. S., Gurrola, H., and Pulliam J.

A15   NEPTUNE: An Opportunity for a Long-term Seafloor Seismic Network on the Juan de Fuca Plate. Wilcock, W. S. D.

A16   Near Real-time Data Exchange and Rapid Earthquake Information for the Central and Eastern U.S. Withers, M., Bittenbinder, A., Bogaert, B., Herrmann, R., and Talwani, P.

Tuesday a.m., 11 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Seismic Events through the Ages

B1   Spatial and Temporal Variations in Seismicity within the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake Rupture Zone. Brown, Wesley A., Doser, Diane I., and Velasquez, Monique.

B2   An Attenuation Study Using Earthquakes from the 1997 Umbria-Marche Sequence. Castro, Raul R., Monachesi, Giancarlo, Trojani, Luca, Frapiccini, Massimo, and Mucciarelli, Marco.

B3   A Probabilistic Model for Aftershock Magnitudes, Numbers and Decay Rate. Christophersen, A. and Smith, E. G. C.

B4   Aftershock Study of the 1995 (M = 7.3) Gulf of Aqaba Earthquake, Midyan Region, Saudi Arabia. Fayez, A. and Simila, G.

B5   Kodiak Island ML 7 Earthquake of 6 December 1999. Hansen, R. A., Ratchkovski, N. A., and Lindquist, K. G.

B6   Rupture History of Sep. 30, 1999 Intraplate Earthquake of Oaxaca, México (Mw = 7.5) from Inversion of Strong-motion Data in the Frequency Domain. Hernandez, B., Shapiro, N. M., Singh, S. K., Pacheco, J., Cotton, F., Campillo, M., Iglesias, A., Cruz, V., Gomez, J. M., and Alcántara, L.

B7   Magnitudes and Locations of Earthquakes in the Northern Rhine Area, West Europe, from Macroseismic Intensities. Hinzen, K.-G. and Oemisch, M.

B8   The 1 January 2000 Kipawa Earthquake (MN = 5.2) and its Relation to the 1935 MS = 6.2 Timiskaming Earthquake. Adams, J., Bent, A., Drysdale, J. A., Halchuk, S., Lamontagne, M., Ma, S., Wetmiller, R. J., Woodgold, C., and Dastous, J.-B.

B9   Why Is the Korean Seismicity Not So Severe as the Vicinities Such as NE China, SW Japan, and Sakhalin? Kim, S. G. and Lkhasuren, E.

B10   Early Instrumental Seismicity of Korea from 1905 to 1945. Lee, K. and Park, J. U.

B11   Precise Relative Locations for Aftershocks of the 1996 Duvall, WA Earthquake. Lisi, A., Malone, S., and Thomas, G.

B12   Inversions for Kinematic Source Parameters of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake Using a Three Dimensional Velocity Structure. Liu, P.-C. and Archuleta, R. J.

B13   Earthquake Catalogue of Mongolia. Lkhasuren, E. and Kim, S. G.

B14   Faulting Parameters of the 1999 Mula, Spain Earthquake. Mancilla, F., Ammon, C. J., Herrmann, R. B., and Morales, J.

B15   Aftershocks of the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, Based on Intensity Observations. Meltzner, A. J. and Wald, D. J.

B16   Possible Stress Interactions between the 1978 Thrust Earthquake and the 1999 Normal-faulting Earthquake in Oaxaca, México. Mikumo, T. and Singh, S. K.

B17   A Study of the 1999 Tehuacán, México Earthquake (Mw = 7.0): Source Characteristics and Aftershocks. Pacheco, J. F. and Singh, S. K.

B18   The Mw 7.5 November 26, 1999 Ambrym Earthquake, a Major Event in the Central New Hebrides Back-Arc, Vanuatu. Pillet, R., Regnier, M., Calmant, S., Pelletier, B., Bore, J.-M., Caminade, J.-P., Ioan, C., and Temakon, S.

B19   New Evidence for Segmentation of the Subducted Plate in Alaska. Ratchkovski, N. A. and Hansen, R. A.

B20   Phase Changes, Fluids, and the Observed Seismicity Pattern at the Northern End of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Rogers, G. C. and Mulder, T. L.

B21   Intraplate Earthquakes in Central México and their Relationship with Large/Great Interplate Thrust Earthquakes. Singh, S. K., Pacheco, J., Mikumo, T., and Kostoglodov, V.

B22   Constraints on Tectonic Models in the Southern Great Basin in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain Based on Relocations of 1992-1999 Earthquakes. Smith, K. D. and Von Seggern, D.

B23   Aftershock Variability in the Pacific Northwest. Tano, K. and Malone, S. D.

B24   Earthquake Focal Mechanisms in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Von Seggern, D. H.

B25   Fault Zone Heterogeneity of New Madrid Seismic Zone Revealed by Analysis of Clustered Microearthquakes. Xie, J.

B26   Microseismicity Study in the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, Baja California, México. Rebollar, C. J., Perez-Vertti, A., Mendoza, J. A., Reyes, L. M., Gonzalez, M., and Arellano, J. F.

Tuesday a.m., 11 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Seismology in Education

The Tuesday morning "Seismology in Education" poster session has been merged with the Tuesday afternoon "Seismology in Education" oral session.

Tuesday p.m., 11 April 2000--Bay/Lahaina Room
Seismology in Education
Presiding: Jill Andrews and Catherine Johnson

2:30   Introduction to the Session. J. Andrews, Moderator

Theme I: Enhancing Undergraduate Education through Innovative Programs. J. Andrews, Moderator

2:35   Federal Program Funding Opportunities for Undergraduate Education. Speaker to be determined.

2:50   The Next Generation of Science Courses. Van der Vink, G. E., Hennet, C. B., and Johnson, C.

2:59   The Keck Geology Consortium: 13 Years of Undergraduate Student-faculty Collaborative Research. Manduca, C. A. and Reinen, L. A.

3:08   Linking Research and Education in Seismology: IRIS Summer Undergraduate Internship Program. Johnson, C., Braile, L. W., and Fischer, K.

3:17   The Southern California Earthquake Center Summer Undergraduate Internship Program. Benthien, M. L.

3:26   Discussion

Theme II: Web-based Teaching Tools and Modules. J. Andrews, Moderator

3:36   Development of Web-based Educational Modules for Use in Undergraduate Education. Hafner, K. and Marquis, J.

3:48   Digital Library for Earth System Education. Marlino, Mary, Manducca, Cathryn, and Johnson, Catherine.

4:00   A Web-based Seismology Module for Introductory Earth Science Classes. Mellors, R. J. and Girty, G. H.

4:12   The Los Angeles Physics Teachers Alliance Group (LAPTAG) Seismograph Project with the Los Angeles Regional Seismic Experiment (LARSE) Phase II. Simila, G. and Gekelman, W.

4:24   Discussion

Theme III: Public Policy. J. Andrews, Moderator

4:34   Interactive, Perspective-view Visualizations of Southern California as a Tool for Conveying Tectonics and Earth Systems Understanding. Frost, E., Spineto, G., and Johnson, J.

4:46   The Importance of Awareness of Earth Sciences in Preparing Undergraduates for Careers beyond College: Perspectives from a Geology and Journalism Double Major. Glasscoe, M. T.

4:58   Creating Civic-minded Scientists: Educating Undergraduate Earth Science Students about Their Role as Policy Advisors, Designers, and Implementors. Benthien, M. L.

5:10   Discussion

5:20   Wrap up, end of session

Tuesday p.m., 11 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Accounting for Site Effects in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

A1   Site Response in the Santa Monica Area--The LARSE II High Resolution Seismic Survey (HRESS). Baher, S. A. and Davis, P. M.

A2   Empirical Evidence from the Northridge Earthquake for Amplitude-dependent Amplification Factors Used in U.S. Building Codes. Borcherdt, R. D. and Fumal, T. E.

A3   New Near-source Attenuation Relationships for Horizontal and Vertical Components of PGA and Response Spectral Acceleration that Incorporate the Effects of Fault Type, Local Soil Conditions, and Observed Differences in Vertical-to-horizontal Spectral Ratios. Campbell, K. W. and Bozorgnia, Y.

A4   Engineering Model for Estimating Ground-motion Amplification from Shear-wave Velocity. Campbell, K. W.

A5   Nonlinear Site-amplification Characteristics of Typical Geologic Units in California Based on a Regression Analysis of PGA and Response Spectral Acceleration. Campbell, K. W.

A6   Scattering of Elastic Waves by a 3D Anisotropic Basin. Dravinski, M. and Zheng, T.

A7   Source, Site, and Path Factor Estimation by Inversion of Strong-motion Data in Anchorage, Alaska. Dutta, Utpal, Martirosyan, Artak, Biswas, N., Dravinski, M., and Papageorgiou, A.

A8   Wave Propagation and Site Response in the Santa Clara Valley, California. Fletcher, J. B., Boatwright, J., and Lindh, A. G.

A9   Basin Ground Motions Recorded by a Dense Seismic Array in San Jose, California: Observations and Modeling. Frankel, A. D., Carver, D. L., Harmsen, S. C., Cranswick, E., Bice, W. T., Sell, R. W. and Fletcher, J. B.

A10   Correlation between Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Enhancement and In Situ Amplification Measurements in the Val D'Agri Area, Italy. Gallipoli, M. R., Lapenna, V., Mucciarelli, M., and Albarello, D.

A11   Comparison of the Site Amplification Effects from the M 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake with That of Small Events Recorded at Downhole Arrays. Graizer, V. M., Cao, T. , Shakal, A. F., and Hipley, P.

A12   On the Contribution from Site Response to Earthquake Hazard in the Central and Eastern United States. Hough, S. E.

A13   Strong Motion from Surface Waves in Deep Sedimentary Basins. Joyner, William B.

A14   Comparison of Ground Motion Parameter of Spitak 1988 Earthquake Aftershocks at Leninakan and Stepanavan Stations. Khalturin, V. I.

A15   The Effect of Local Site Conditions and Fault Geometry on a Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment for Monticello Dam, California. LaForge, R. C., O'Connell, D. R., and Unruh, J.

A16   Site Responses in Anchorage, Alaska, Based on Weak-motion and Strong-motion Records. Martirosyan, Artak, Dutta, Utpal, and Biswas, N.

A17   ROSRINE: New Studies Related to the North Palm Springs and Other California Earthquakes. Nigbor, R. L. and Diehl, J. G.

A18   Do You Live in a Bad Neighborhood? Maybe Site-specific PSHA is an Oxymoron. O'Connell, D. R. H.

A19   High-frequency Ground Motion in Central México: Site Excitation and Attenuation. Ortega, R. and Herrmann, R. B.

A20   Causes of Elevated Seismic Response on the Southern Edge of the Willamette Basin, Oregon: One Explanation, One Mystery. Perry, S. C. and Weldon, R. J. II.

A21   Potential for Basin Edge Effects along the Northern Margin of the Los Angeles Basin. Pitarka, A., Graves, R. and Somerville, P.

A22   Annualized Earthquake Loss Estimates for California. Reichle, M. S., Petersen, M. D., Cramer, C., Branum, D., Toppozada, T. R., and Davis, J. F.

A23   SISPRO: A Scientific Program to Quantify Seismic Effects on a Subsurface Nuclear Waste Installation. Rodrigues, D.

A24   New Scenario Earthquake Hazard Maps for the San Francisco Bay Area. Schneider, J. F., Silva, W. J., Gregor, N., Li, S., and Wright, D.

A25   Incorporating Site Response into Earthquake Hazard Microzonation Maps. Silva, Walter, Wong, Ivan, Li, Sylvia, Gregor, Nick, and Wright, D.

A26   A Comparison of Methodologies to Achieve a Site-specific PSHA. Silva, W., Lee, R., McGuire, R., and Cornell, A.

A27   A Site Conditions Map for California Based on Geology and Shear Wave Velocity. Wills, C. J., Petersen, M. D., Bryant, W. A., Reichle, M. S., Saucedo, G. J., Tan, S. S., Taylor, G. C., and Treiman, J. A.

A28   TriNet Shakemap: Status Report. Worden, C. B., Scrivner, C. W., and Wald, D. J.

Tuesday p.m., 11 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Near-surface Geophysical Imaging

B1   Blast-induced Liquefaction and Determination of Soil-density Changes with Ground-penetrating Radar, Treasure Island, CA. Barnhardt, W. A., Kayen, R. E., Ashford, S., and Rollins, K.

B2   Utility of the Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW) Method for Determining Near-surface Shear-wave Velocities at Strong-motion Sites. Brown, L. T., Stokoe, K. H. II, and Boore, D. M.

B3   A Simplified Procedure to Measure Average Shear-wave Velocity to a Depth of 30 Meters (VS30) Using Surface Waves. Brown, L. T., Diehl, J. G., and Nigbor, R. L.

B4   Identification of Paleoliquefaction and Deformation Features with Ground Penetrating Radar in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Liu, Lanbo and Li, Y.

B5   2-D, Prestack Wide-angle Migration and Depth Focusing of Ultrashallow Seismic Records. Morozov, I. B. and Levander, A. R.

B6   High-resolution Seismic Imaging of Near-surface Faulting across the Commerce Geophysical Lineament, SE Missouri and SW Illinois. Odum, J. K., Stephenson, W. J., and Williams, R. A.

B7   Rapid Shallow Seismics. Wiggins, S. M., Hildebrand, J. A., Henkart, P. C., and Conyers, L. B.

B8   Correlations of Earthquake Site Amplification with Near-surface S-wave Velocities in Seattle, Wash., Salt Lake Valley, Utah, and San Fernando Valley, Calif. Williams, R. A., Stephenson, W. J., Odum, J. K., and Cranswick, E.

Tuesday p.m., 11 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Seismology and Volcanoes

C1   Broadband and Infrasonic Recording of Eruptions of Mount Erebus, Antarctica. Aster, R., Kyle, P., Rowe, C., Barstow, N., Johnson, J., and Dibble, R.

C2   Evidence of Coseismic Volumetric Expansion in the Long Valley, CA. Dreger, D. S., Tkalcic, H., and Johnston, M.

C3   Seismic Investigation of the Anatomy of Kilauea Volcano's East Rift Zone and South Flank. Haslinger, F., Mandernach, M., Hartog, R., Thurber, C., and Okubo, P.

C4   Composite Focal Mechanisms at Four Alaskan Volcanoes. McNutt, S. R. and Sanchez, J. J.

C5   3D Crustal Structure from Local Earthquake Tomography in Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, Colombia. Vargas, C. A., Acevedo, A. P., Mora, H., Carvajal, C. A., Bohorquez, O. P., and Gil, F.

C6   Seismicity of the Yellowstone Volcanic Field: Regional Stress Inversion and Analysis of the Autumn 1985 Earthquake Swarm. Waite, G. P. and Smith, R. B.

Wednesday a.m., 12 April 2000--Bay/Lahaina Room
Seismology and the NSF EarthScope Initiative
Presiding: John Orcutt and Peter Shearer

9:00   EarthScope: A New Initiative for Earth Sciences. Whitcomb, James H.

9:20   USARRAY Earthquake Recording and Structural Imaging at a Shallow Groundwater Contamination Site. Levander, A., Shearer, P. M., Laske, G., Vernon, F. L., and van der Hilst, R. D.

9:40   Seismology in the Source: The San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD). Ellsworth, William L., Hickman, Stephen H., and Zoback, Mark D.

10:00   What Can Seismology Tell Us about Lower Crustal Deformation in a Plate Boundary System? Bokelmann, G. H. R. and Beroza, G. C.

10:20   Break

10:30   EarthScope--A Look into Our Continent. Henyey, T. L. and The EarthScope Working Group.

10:50   The Plate Boundary Observatory. Silver, P. G.

11:10   The Plate Boundary Observatory: Near-real-time GPS and Seismology. Bock, Y. and Nikolaidis, R.

11:30   Displacement Field of the M 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake from ERS Radar Interferometry. Sandwell, D., Sichoix, L., Agnew, D., Bock, Y., and Minster, J.-B.

Wednesday a.m., 12 April 2000--Pacific/Surf/Tropic Room
"Terra Scale" Computing and Earthquake Science
Steven Day and Jean-Bernard Minster

9:00   Numerical Modeling of Wave Propagation in 3D Complex Media: Recent Advances Using the Spectral Element Method. Komatitsch, D., Tromp, J., and Barnes, C.

9:30   Wave-guide Effects in Subduction Zones: Evidence from Finite-difference Modeling. Olsen, K. B., Shapiro, N. M., and Singh, S. K.

10:00   General Earthquake Models and the Computational Framework. Donnellan, A., Rundle, J., Fox, G., Parker, J., Hurst, K., Haupt, T., and Minster, B.

10:30   Toward Large-scale Inversion-based Modeling of Earthquake Ground Motion. Akcelik, V., Epanomeritakis, Y., Ghattas, O., and Bielak, J.

11:00   Mathematical Simulation of Fracture Processes on the Earth's Surface. Bykovtsev, A. S.

Wednesday a.m., 12 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Combined Use of Seismic and Geodetic Data--SSA/UNAVCO/SCIGN Joint Session

A1   The Velocity Field in Southern California Determined from the Permanent GPS SCIGN Array. Argus, D. F., Heflin, M. B., Donnellan, A., Webb, F., Dong, D., Hurst, K. J., Jefferson, D. C., Lyzenga, G. A., Watkins, M. M., and Zumberge, J. F.

A2   INSAR Measured Surface Deformation in the Los Angeles Basin, California. Bawden, G. W., Thatcher, W. R., Hudnut, K. W., Wicks, C. W. Stein, R. S., and Peltzer, G.

A3   Crustal Deformation along the Wasatch Fault Zone, Utah, from Continuous and Campaign GPS Observations. Chang, W. L., Meertens, C. M., Smith, R. B., and Harris, R. A.

A4   Ocean Loading Corrections for Continuous GPS: A Case Study at the WCDA Site Holberg. Dragert, H., James, T. S., and Lambert, A.

A5   Contemporary Crustal Deformation along the Western Section of the Africa-Eurasia Plate Boundary Zone. Elosegui, P., Ben Sari, D., Ouazar, D., Davila, J. M., Mendes, V., Pagarete, J., Reilinger, R., Rius, A., Talaya, J., Bennett, R., and Davis, J. L.

A6   Crustal Deformation and Earthquake Hazards to the Anchorage Urban Area, Alaska. Freymueller, J. T. and Zweck, C.

A7   GPS Measurements in Northern Baja California: Coseismic Deformation Associated with the Mw = 4.8 (June 1, 1999) Mexicali Valley, México, Earthquake. González-García, Javier, Ochoa, Raul, González, Alejandro, Méndez, Ignacio, and Suárez, Francisco.

A8   Sharpening Our Image of Fault Processes--What Borehole Tensor Strain Observations Can Add to Seismic and Geodetic Studies. Gwyther, R. L., Gladwin, M. T., Hart, R., and Mee, M.

A9   The Next Generation Data Communications Strategy for Large-scale Crustal Deformation Initiatives. Jackson, M. E., Meertens, C., Estey, L. and Conquest, C.

A10   GPS Deformation Monitoring of Mount Erebus, Antarctica. Kyle, Philip and Johns, Bjorn.

A11   GPS Monitoring of Volcanoes, Clocks, and Ice Sheets. Larson, K. M.

A12   Crustal Shortening in the Andes: Why Do GPS Rates Differ from Geological Rate? Liu, Mian, Yang, Youqing, Stein, Seth, Klosko, Eryn, Zhu, Yuanqing, and Engeln, Joe.

A13   Re-evaluation of Fault Slip, Geodetic Strain, and Seismic Hazard Studies in the Light of Active Subsidence, Compaction, and Footwall Deformation. Nicholson, C., Sorlien, C. C., Kamerling, M. J., Gratier, J.-P., and Seeber, L.

A14   Deformation and Fault-modeling on the Wasatch Front, Utah, from Continuous and Campaign GPS Measurements, 1992-1999. Smith, R. B., Meertens, C., Chang, W., and Cervelli, P.

A15   The Effect of 3D Earth Structure on Resolution of the Earthquake Rupture Process. Wald, D. J. and Graves, R. W.

A16   Elastic Dislocation Modeling of Interseismic Motion on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Zweck, C., Freymueller, J. T., and Cohen, S. C.

Wednesday a.m., 12 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Interfacing Seismology with Other Geophysical Disciplines (REM/GEM)

B1   Modeling Stress Changes Induced by Earthquakes in the Northeastern South Island, New Zealand. Doser, D. I. and Robinson, R.

B2   Dynamic Rupture in a Model of Two Different Elastic Blocks Separated by a Low Velocity Layer. Huang, Yueqiang, Ben-Zion, Yehuda, and Andrews, Dudley J.

B3   Some Properties of Gold-mine Seismicity and Implications for Tectonic Earthquakes. Jordan, T. H. and Richardson, E.

B4   Mapping Fault Morphology with a Scanning Laser Altimeter. Minster, J.-B., Borsa, A., and Bills, B.

B5   Omega-1 Source Spectral Decay on Small Earthquakes. Su, F., Zeng, Y., Anderson, J. G., and Brune, J. N.

B6   Gravitational Energy Change by Earthquakes and Tectonics. Tanimoto, T. and Okamoto, T.

Wednesday a.m., 12 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Seismic Structures, Big and Small

C1   Evidence for Localized Variations in the Depth and Velocity Structure to the Transition Zone beneath New Mexico. Gurrola, H. and Minster, J.-B.

C2   Fault-zone Trapped Waves at the San Jacinto Fault Zone Southeast of Anza, California. Li, Y.-G. and Vernon, F. L.

C3   The Structure of Continental Crust from Focal Depths of Continental Earthquakes. Maggi, A., Jackson, J., Priestley, K., and McKenzie, D.

C4   Modeling Complexity in Surface Wave Propagation via Spherical FDM and Structure Kernels. Marcinkovich, C. and Tanimoto, T.

C5   Large-scale Earth Structure from Analyses of Free Oscillation Splitting and Coupling. Masters, G., Laske, G., and Gilbert, F.

C6   Memory-optimized 3D Finite-difference Modeling of Seismic Ground Motion. Moczo, P. and Kristek, J.

C7   Crust and Upper Mantle Sesimic Structure of the South Caspian Basin. Priestley, K., Patton, H. J., and Schultz, C.

C8   MatTimes: MATLAB-based Seismic Travel Time Calculation and Ray Path Imaging Toolbox. Simmons, N. A. and Gurrola, H.

C9   Do Garnet Minerals Affect the Seismic Structure of the Base of the Transition Zone? Simmons, N. A. and Gurrola, H.

C10   Investigating the Average Source Spectra and Frequency Dependence of Mantle Q by Stacking P and PP Spectra. Warren, L. M. and Shearer, P. M.

C11   High Frequency Vertical Ground Motion in Utah Northwest Using UUSS Data. Jeon, Young-Soo and Herrmann, Robert B.

Wednesday p.m., 12 April 2000--Bay/Lahaina Room
Interfacing Seismology with Other Geophysical Disciplines (REM/GEM)
Presiding: Duncan Agnew and Jean-Bernard Minster

2:00   Feasibility of Construction of a 3-D Reference Earth Model. Dziewonski, A. M., Boschi, Y., Masters, G., and Laske, G.

2:30   Recent Advances in Mineral Physics: Implications for Seismic Structure and Rheology. Weidner, D. J.

3:00   Earthquakes, Armageddon, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Nur, A.

Wednesday p.m., 12 April 2000--Bay/Lahaina Room
Combined Use of Seismic and Geodetic Data--SSA/UNAVCO/SCIGN Joint Session
Presiding: Duncan Agnew and Yehuda Bock

3:40   GPS in Earthquake Monitoring Networks. Hudnut, K. W.

4:10   Combining Seismic and Geodetic Data to Improve Rapid Earthquake Notification. Murray, M. H., Neuhauser, D. S., Baxter, D. R., Gee, L. S., Dreger, D. S., and Romanowicz, B.

4:40   Near-real-time GPS Observation of Permanent Coseismic Displacement and Strong Motion from the Mw 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake. Nikolaidis, R., Bock, Y., Agnew, D., Dejonge, P., Van Domselaar, M.

Wednesday p.m., 12 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Seismology and the NSF EarthScope Initiative

A1   Optimal Network Design for Geophysical Inversion: An Analytical Approach. Blewitt, G.

A2   Advanced GPS Data Management Techniques for Global and Regional Geophysical Studies. Boler, F. M., Meertens, C. M., Estey, L. H., and Maggert, D. R.

A3   POLARIS: Portable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seismicity--A Canadian Proposal. Cassidy, J. F., Atkinson, G. M., Bostock, M. G., Eaton, D. W., Asudeh, I., Snyder, D., Jones, A. G., Adams, J., Ferguson, I. J., and Thomson, C. J.

A4   Seafloor Geodetic Monitoring within the Plate Boundary Observatory. Chadwell, C. D., Hildebrand, J. A., Spiess, F. N., and Dragert, H.

A5   Source Process Times and Slip Distributions of Parkfield Earthquakes M 1 to 5. Johnson, P. A. B. and Dreger, D. S.

A6   Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Fault Slip on the San Andreas Fault System in Central California. Nadeau, R. M., and McEvilly, T. V.

Wednesday p.m., 12 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
Strong Motions and Probabilistic Seismic Hazards

B1   Statistical Variation in Ground Motion Toppling Parameters Relative to Quasistatic Toppling Acceleration for Precarious Rocks. Anooshehpoor, A., Brune, J. N., and Zeng, Y.

B2   Toward a Consensus Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Model for the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Cramer, C. H. and Frankel, A. D.

B3   Is the Uncertainty in Estimates of Magnitude from Fault Dimensions Aleatory or Epistemic and are Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Estimates Too High? Cramer, C. H., Abrahamson, N., and Petersen, M. D.

B4   Relating Conventional USGS Modified Mercalli Intensities to Intensities Assigned with Data Collected via the Internet. Dewey, James W., Wald, David J., and Dengler, L. A.

B5   Probabilistic Seismic Hazards in Southern Arizona. Dober, M. C., Wong, I. G., Fenton, C. H., and Ake, J.

B6   Application of Probabilistic Seismic Ground-motion and Fault Displacement Hazard Analyses Based on New Evidence of Late Pleistocene Active Midvalley Faults--Skull Valley, Utah. Hanson, K. L., Swan, F. H., Angell, M. A., and Youngs, R. R.

B7   Seismic Attenuation, Earthquake Source Parameters, and Simulation of Strong Motions in the Southeastern Part of the Korean Peninsula. Lee, J. M., Park, D., and Kim, S. K.

B8   Some Characteristics of a Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Map for New Mexico. Lin, K. W. and Sanford, A. R.

B9   Analysis and Simulation of the Near-source Motion Recorded at Aigion during the Ms = 6.2, June 15, 1995 Aigion Earthquake (Greece). Mavroeidis, G. P. and Papageorgiou, A. S.

B10   Some Observations Regarding the Seismic Hazard Associated with Shallow Rupture. McGarr, A., Fletcher, J. B., and Harris, R. A.

B11   Uncertainties in Earthquake Hazard Assessment in a Low-seismicity Intraplate Region of Ontario, Canada--Potential Impact on Metro Toronto. Mohajer, A. A. and Wallach, J. L.

B12   Characterizing Uncertainties in Seismic Hazard for the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Newman, A., Stein, S., Schneider, J., and Mendes, A.

B13   Ground Motion Modeling of the 1892 Vacaville-Winters Earthquake: Complex Faulting on a Segmented, Blind-thrust Fault System. O'Connell, D. R. H. and Unruh, J. R.

B14   Seismic Sources and Probabilistic Hazard in the Central Intermountain Seismic Belt. Olig, S. S., Wong, I. G., Dober, M. C., and Ake, J.

B15   Scaling of Near-source Strong Ground Motions above the Mexican Subduction Zone. Singh, S. K., Pacheco, J. Ordaz, M., and Ayala, M.

B16   California M > 5.5 Earthquakes and Areas Damaged Since 1800. Toppozada, Tousson and Branum, David.

B17   Community Internet Intensity Maps: Examples from California Earthquakes. Wald, D. J., Dewey, J. W., and Quitoriano, V.

Wednesday p.m., 12 April 2000--Coast/Kona Room
"Terra Scale" Computing and Earthquake Science

C1   Pseudospectral Modeling of the Seismic Wavefield for Constraints on the Heterogeneity Spectrum of the Earth's Mantle. Cormier, V. F.

C2   Simulating the Effect of a Shallow Weak Layer on Near-source Ground Motion. Ely, G. P. and Day, S. M.

C3   Using Distributed Computing Tools to Enable Seamless Earthquake Modeling. Parker, J. W., Hurst, K. J., Donnellan, A., and Haupt, T.

C4   Visualizing and Quantifying Complex Solutions to High Dimensional Models: Extracting Useful Information from Massive Earthquake Simulations. Shaw, B. E.

C5   Three-dimensional Linear and Nonlinear Wave Propagation Using a Supercomputer. Xu, H., Day, S. M., Minster, J.-B. H., and Stevens, J. L.


Revised: 7 April 2000