SSA 2001 Annual Meeting
Winners of
Outstanding Student Presentation Awards


SSA is pleased to announce the winners of the Outstanding Student Presentation Awards for the SSA 2001 annual meeting, held in San Francisco. Five presentations were chosen from a total of 33 entries. Each winner will receive a $100 award from SSA. Please join us in congratulating these students:

Richard Briggs (University of Nevada, Reno)
The Basin and Range Sierra Nevada Transition along the Northern Walker Lane: Geology vs. Geodesy

Wu-Lung Chang (University of Utah)
Crustal Deformation of the Wasatch Front, Utah, from GPS Measurements, Paleoseismicity, and Elastic-viscoelastic Modeling

Anne Paquette (University of Arizona)
Underwater Explosions and the Sinking of the Kursk: An Experiment in Regional Calibration

Xyoli Perez-Campos (Stanford University)
Reconciling Regional and Teleseismic Estimates of Radiated Seismic Energy

Leiph Preston (University of Washington)
Cascadia Slab Structure and Deep Earthquakes


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