SSA 2001 Annual Meeting

Information for Presenters

All oral session rooms will have have two 35 mm slide projectors, two overhead transparency projectors, and one Sanyo XF10 computer projector, which will handle Mac and Windows laptops. A Sanyo projector will also be available in the Speaker Preparation room.

Instructions for computer projector users:

Presenters should bring a laptop with a VGA output. A 15-pin VGA cable will be available. Presenters should have their computer resolution set to 1024x768 (preferred), but 800x600 and 640x480 will be possible. The Sanyo has an "auto image" button which will sync to your laptop in most cases. Presenters should be sure to bring their laptopÕs AC power cord. Turn off sleep mode.

We encourage speakers to test their presentations using the computer projector in the Speaker Prep room. Speakers may start their presentation software in the Speaker Prep room and bring their laptop to the session room running on its batteries right before their scheduled talk.

For Macs:
You must reboot your Powerbook while attached to a projector (in the oral session room or the Speaker Prep room). If a Powerbook is rebooted with an attached projector, it will probably display correctly on both the internal screen (LCD) and the projector. Technically, after the reboot an "arrange" button will be activated within the monitor control panel and the desktop can be chosen to be activated on each display from the monitor control panel. However, on several machines this did not work as advertised. Alternatively, use the "simulscan" resolution setting, which should be one of the possible resolution settings if the system was booted with an external monitor attached.


For PC's:
Our test laptop (a Sony), which booted with the Sanyo projector attached, automatically displayed correctly on both screens (internal LCD and projector). On PC's you can use the Fn+f7 keys to toggle between the internal, internal+projector, and just projector.


Any special requests and/or any special equipment needed for presentation should be directed to Ruth Harris, Acting Program Committee Chairman, at (650) 329-4842.

It is possible that there will be short-term electrical blackouts during the meeting. Presenters should be prepared to give their talk without electrical equipment if this occurs.

Poster presenters: The poster size is 6' wide by 4' high.

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Last Update: 9 April 2001