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SSA in the News

Welcome to a selection of recent stories about SSA and the research its members have presented at our meetings and published in our journals.  These links take you directly to pages published by the media outlets cited.  The article may or may not be free to all viewers.

        This page features news articles and opinion pieces published by accredited news outlets, including online-only sites.  This section does not feature items from Web sites that serve primarily to aggregate data, including press releases.  Similarly, blog postings, separate from news columns or editorial commentary, are also not included.

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New Mexico Earthquakes Linked to Wastewater Injection

Live Science 04/23/13

Breaking the ice: Earthquakes trigger Antarctic 'icequakes'

FOX News 04/22/13

Claim that quake caused UT mine disaster rejected

SF Gate 04/20/13

Earthquakes Are East Coast's Biggest Tsunami Threat

Live Science 04/20/13

Big Earthquakes Might Calm the Earth

Live Science 04/19/13

Study: Boston, New England at Greatest Tsunami Risk in US

US News 04/19/13

Hurricane may have triggered earthquake aftershocks 04/19/13

Scientists: Earthquake sensors detected energy of Superstorm Sandy that hit East Coast

Washington Post 04/19/13

Earthquakes Are East Coast's Biggest Tsunami Threat

Live Science 04/19/13

Size of Crandall mine collapse exceeded earlier estimates

Salt Lake Tribune 04/19/13

Mine Disaster CSI: Earthquakes Shed New Light on Utah Collapse

Live Science 04/19/13

Seismologists warn Utah is unprepared for the big one

Salt Lake City Tribune 04/18/13

Superstorm Sandy Shook the U.S., Literally

Science Daily 04/18/13

Hurricane Sandy shook the U.S.

Mother Nature Network 04/18/13

Superstorm Sandy shook the US: 'Standing waves' in Atlantic caused seismicity as far as Seattle 04/18/13

Hurricane Sandy lit up seismometers across US

Science NBC News 04/18/13

Scientists: Earthquake sensors detected energy of Superstorm Sandy that hit East Coast

FOX News 04/18/13

Yellowstone Volcano's Magma Chamber Is Bigger Than We Thought [VIDEO]

Nature World News 04/18/13

Volcano under Yellowstone bigger than previously thought

FOX News 04/18/13

Yellowstone's Volcano Bigger Than Thought

Live Science 04/17/13

Quite a Jolt: Earthquakes Heralded Opening of Sinkhole

Live Science 04/17/13

Helping to forecast earthquakes in Salt Lake Valley

Eureka! Science News 04/17/13

Even bigger earthquake possible when Salt Lake’s ‘Big One’ hits

Salt Lake Tribune 04/17/13

Double faults raise risk of big Salt Lake City Earthquake

NBC News 04/17/13

Helping to forecast earthquakes in Salt Lake Valley

Seismological Society of America 04/17/13

Salt Lake City Could See Bigger Earthquakes

Live Science 04/17/13

New Evidence Shows Power of East Coast Earthquakes Virginia Earthquake Triggered Landslides at Great Distances

USGS Newsroom 11/06/12

New evidence shows power of East Coast earthquakes, U.S. Geological Survey reports

Mountain Xpress 11/06/12

2011 Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances 11/06/12

Is Failure to Predict a Crime?

The New York Times 10/26/12

Italian scientists and one official jailed for failing to predict 2009 earthquake that killed 300

MailOnline 10/22/12

Nearly 1,000 earthquakes recorded in Arizona over 3 years 8/14/12

Italy's Shaky Past Hidden in Ancient Records

ourAmazingPlanet 8/13/12

On the web: Shake, rattle and roll: What does an earthquake sound like?

EARTH The Science Behind the Headlines 8/08/12

Ancient Records Shed Light On Italian Earthquakes (Aquila Area)

Science Daily 8/03/12

Budget Cuts Could Compromise Earthquake Early Warning Systems

NBC Ch4 LA 8/03/12

How Earth's 'Hums' Could Help Predict Earthquakes

ourAmazingPlanet 8/02/12

Major Quakes in Last Decade Not Linked, Study Finds

ourAmazingPlanet 08/02/12

Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade, President, Seismological Society of America

ResearchMediaLtd - International Innovation 08/28/11

Room for Debate: Are We Prepared for an 8.8 Quake?

The New York Times 03/01/10

Shaky Forecasts: Despite past failures, geophysicists think earthquake prediction might yet be possible

ScienceNews 8/29/09

A new study published by BSSA offers a more detailed picture of Lake Tahoe's earthquake potential.

PhysOrg 4/29/09

Earthquakes’ Many Mysteries Stymie Efforts to Predict Them.

The New York Times 4/14/09

Read an opinion piece, “Confusing Patterns with Coincidences” by Sue Hough, USGS.

The New York Times 4/13/09

Older Seattle high-rises are at Risk in Earthquakes.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 4/14/09

California State Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee introduces four earthquake bills at the SSA annual meeting.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune 4/11/09

Seismological society focuses on accurate quake predictions.

The Monterey County Herald 4/11/09

A new study by Rufus Catchings deepens the knowledge of Silver Creek Fault.

The San Jose Mercury News 4/11/09

A new study suggests Seattle’s high-rise buildings are at great risk of collapse during a large earthquake.

Discovery Channel Online 4/9/09

Read a Discovery Channel IM interview with Keith Knudsen.

Discovery Channel Online 4/6/09


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