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Call for Papers: BSSA Special Issue on the 2012 Haida Gwaii, BC & 2013 Craig, AK Earthquakes

6 Feb 2014

The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America will publish a special issue on the 28 October 2012 Haida Gwaii, British Columbia (Mw 7.7) and the 5 January 2013 Craig, Alaska (Mw 7.5) earthquakes, both of which are associated with the Pacific-North America plate boundary on the west coast of North America. The 2013 Craig event was a strike-slip event along the Queen Charlotte transform fault, while the 2012 event (about 350 km to the south) occurred along an east-dipping blind thrust fault beneath the Queen Charlotte Terrace. It was the largest thrust event ever recorded in this region. This special issue will focus on results of investigations into all seismological, geodetic, tsunami, other geophysical, geological, paleoseismic, and engineering aspects of the earthquakes. Authors working in this area are encouraged to submit research papers for consideration.

We recommend that authors contact one of the guest editors:

Papers on seismology or engineering seismology:
John Cassidy (jcassidy [at] nrcan [dot] gc [dot] ca)
Garry Rogers (grogers [at] nrcan [dot] gc [dot] ca)
Papers on tsunami, regional tectonics, geodesy, and other topics:
Peter Haeussler (pheuslr [at] usgs [dot] gov);
Thomas James (tjames [at] nrcan [dot] gc [dot] ca)

Submission deadline is 1 June 2014.
The special issue will be published in late spring 2015

Prepare manuscripts as described at
and submit via

Address questions about scientific issues to Diane Doser at

Address questions about submissions to Betty Schiefelbein at

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