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Earthquake-Related Sounds

Catalog of Earthquake-Related Sounds is an audio recording prepared by Karl V. Steinbrugge and updated in 1985.  It contains 21 earthquake-related sounds. The range of events includes 1954 Eureka (California), 1957 San Francisco, 1966 Sikeston (Missouri), 1964 Anchorage, 1965 Puget Sound, 1976 Caracas, 1969 Santa Rosa (California), 1975 Oroville (California), 1976 Friuli (Italy), 1977 Willits (California), 1979 El Centro (California), and 1983 Japan. Detailed notes prepared by Steinbrugge are included.

For either a cassette tape or CD-R, the member price is $8.50 and the nonmember price is $10.00. Orders shipped to California addresses must add 9.75% sales tax. For mailing outside the United States, add $17 for postage.

If you have Apple's Quicktime Plug-in installed you can click on the play button in the controller below to hear a short sample from the recording or you may download the sample in Sun ULAW or WAVE format.


This recording was made during the 1964 Alaska "Good Friday" Earthquake, March 27, 5:36 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. Two attorneys, a pathologist, and a court reporter were taping a deposition when the earthquake occurred. Their comments and the sounds of the earthquake were recorded on a portable tape recorder. Information on this recording was provided through the courtesy of David H. Thorsness (one of the attorneys) and Margo Britch (the court reporter).

Last Modified: 2013 Apr 26