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September/October 2015
Vol. 86, No. 5
A Further Note on Operational Earthquake Forecasting: An Emergency Management Perspective
James D. Goltz
March/April 2015
Vol. 86, No. 2B
Resilience by Design: Bringing Science to Policy Makers
Lucile M. Jones
March/April 2015
Vol. 86, No. 2A
On Operational Earthquake Forecast and Prediction Problems
Vladimir G. Kossobokov, Antonella Peresan, and G. F. Panza
March/April 2015
Vol. 86, No. 2A
“All Models Are Wrong, but Some Are Useful”
Edward H. Field
March/April 2015
Vol. 86, No. 2A
Resilience by Design: Bringing Science to Policy Makers
Lucile M. Jones
January/February 2015
Vol. 86, No. 1
Predicting or Forecasting Earthquakes and the Resulting Ground-Motion Hazards: A Dilemma for Earth Scientists
Zhenming Wang
January/February 2015
Vol. 86, No. 1
Bayes and BOGSAT: Issues in When and How to Revise Earthquake Hazard Maps
Seth Stein, Bruce D. Spencer, and Edward Brooks
November/December 2014
Vol. 85, No. 6
Alternative Approaches to Modeling Epistemic Uncertainty in Ground Motions in Probabilistic Seismic-Hazard Analysis
Gail M. Atkinson, Julian J. Bommer, and Norman A. Abrahamson
September/October 2014
Vol. 85, No. 5
Operational Earthquake Forecasting Can Enhance Earthquake Preparedness
T. H. Jordan, W. Marzocchi, A. J. Michael, and M. C. Gerstenberger
July/August 2014
Vol. 85, No. 4
The Prediction Problems of Earthquake System Science
Thomas H. Jordan
May/June 2014
Vol. 85, No. 3
Earthquake Preparedness Should Not Fluctuate on a Daily or Weekly Basis
Kelin Wang and Garry C. Rogers
March/April 2014
Vol. 85, No. 2
Why the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake Matters 50 Years Later
Michael E. West, Peter J. Haeussler, Natalia A. Ruppert, Jeffrey T. Freymueller, and the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission
January/February 2014
Vol. 85, No. 1
Northridge 20 Years After
Thomas Heaton
November/December 2013
Vol. 84, No. 6
Hello from the New Editor of SRL
Zhigang Peng
September/October 2013
Vol. 84, No. 5
Editor’s Farewell
Jonathan M. Lees
May/June 2013
Vol. 84, No. 3
A Dispassionate View of Seismic-Hazard Assessment
Polat Gülkan
March/April 2013
Vol. 84, No. 2
“This is the Right Place”
TOWN HALL MEETING ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, Ivan Wong, Walter Arabasz, Bob Carey, Christopher DuRoss, William Lund, James Pechmann, and Barry Welliver
January/February 2013
Vol. 84, No. 1
Fukushima—Two Years Later
Robert J. Geller, Woody Epstein, and Johannis Nöggerath
January/February 2013
Vol. 84, No. 1
Lessons of L’Aquila for Operational Earthquake Forecasting
Thomas H. Jordan
November/December 2012
Vol. 83, No. 6
Characteristic Earthquake Model, 1884-2011, R.I.P.
Yan Y. Kagan, David D. Jackson, and Robert J. Geller
September/October 2012
Vol. 83, No. 5
Open and Free: Software and Scientific Reproducibility
Jonathan M. Lees
July/August 2012
Vol. 83, No. 4
Do Aftershock Probabilities Decay With Time?
Andrew J. Michael
May/June 2012
Vol. 83, No. 3
Heavy Tails and Earthquake Probabilities
William L. Ellsworth
March/April 2012
Vol. 83, No. 2
Earthquake Hazard Maps and Objective Testing: The Hazard Mapper’s Point of View
Mark W. Stirling
January/February 2012
Vol. 83, No. 1
Expecting the Unexpected: Black Swans and Seismology
Richard Aster
September/October 2011
Vol. 82, No. 5
What is That Mysterious Booming Sound?
David P. Hill
September/October 2011
Vol. 82, No. 5
Bad Assumptions or Bad Luck: Why Earthquake Hazard Maps Need Objective Testing
Seth Stein, Robert J. Geller, and Mia Liu
July/August 2011
Vol. 82, No. 4
Converging Research Fields Need Converging Communities
Roel Snieder
May/June 2011
Vol. 82, No. 3
Lessons from the Destructive Mw 6.3 Christchurch, New Zealand, Earthquake
Martin Reyners
May/June 2011
Vol. 82, No. 3
Challenges When Establishing a Seismic Network
Lars Ottemöller and Jens Havskov
March/April 2011
Vol. 82, No. 2
The Magnitude of the Problem
Susan E. Hough
January/February 2011
Vol. 82, No. 1
The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research
Martin A. Schwartz
November/December 2010
Vol. 81, No. 6
Rebuilding after Earthquakes
Robert Olshansky
September/October 2010
Vol. 81, No. 5
CTBT Verifiability and the SSA Position Statement
Raymond J. Willemann
July/August 2010
Vol. 81, No. 4
Operational Earthquake Forecasting: Some Thoughts on Why and How
Thomas H. Jordan and Lucile M. Jones
May/June 2010
Vol. 81, No. 3
Extending the Usefulness of Seismic Hazard Studies
Francesco Mulargia
March/April 2010
Vol. 81, No. 2
Welcome to Portland—Sitting on the Big One
Ivan G. Wong
January/February 2010
Vol. 81, No. 1
15 Years Later: The Growing Legacy of the 1995 Kobe Earthquake
Gregory C. Beroza
November/December 2009
Vol. 80, No. 6
Earthquake Casualties in Italy: The Blame Game
Valentina Montaldo Falero, Carlo Meletti, and Massimilano Stucchi
September/October 2009
Vol. 80, No. 5
Seismic Hazard vs. Seismic Risk
Zhenming Wang
July/August 2009
Vol. 80, No. 4
Mid-Continent Earthquakes as a Complex System
Seth Stein, Mian Liu, Eric Calais, and Qingsong Li
May/June 2009
Vol. 80, No. 3
BSSA: Worth Thinking About
Andrew J. Michael
March/April 2009
Vol. 80, No. 2
SSA Goes to Washington
Stuart Nishenko and Elizabeth Duffy
January/February 2009
Vol. 80, No. 1
Thirty Years of Confusion around “Scattering Q”?
Igor B. Morozov
November/December 2008
Vol. 79, No. 6
Earthquake Archaeology—Just a Good Story?
Manuel Sintubin, Iain S. Stewart, Tina Niemi, and Erhan Altunel
September/October 2008
Vol. 79, No. 5
A Warning about Early Warning
Steve Malone
July/August 2008
Vol. 79, No. 4
The Importance of Small Earthquakes
John E. Ebel
May/June 2008
Vol. 79, No. 3
CTBT Monitoring: A Vital Activity for Our Profession
Paul G. Richards
March/April 2008
Vol. 79, No. 2
Challenges Ahead for the Global Seismographic Network
Wiliam Leith
January/February 2008
Vol. 79, No. 1
Is Bigger Really Better?
Thorne Lay
November/December 2007
Vol. 78, No. 6
Sustainable Networks: The Next Challenge in International Earthquake Monitoring
Arthur Lerner-Lam and Ray Willemann
September/October 2007
Vol. 78, No. 5
SSA 101
William L. Ellsworth, SSA President
July/August 2007
Vol. 78, No. 4
Seismic Hazard Analysis for Building Codes
Praveen K. Malhotra
May/June 2007
Vol. 78, No. 3
Equivalence of Tectonic Motions
Cinna Lomnitz
March/April 2007
Vol. 78, No. 2
Will Performance-based Earthquake Engineering Break the Power Law?
Thomas H. Heaton
November/December 2006
Vol. 77, No. 6
Looking Backward, Facing Forward
Susan Newman
September/October 2006
Vol. 77, No. 5
The Next 100 Years of Earthquake Science, Engineering, and Emergency Management—It’s Time to Unite
Chris D. Poland, S.E.
July/August 2006
Vol. 77, No. 4
Shadowed by the Glare of 1906 are Faceless Future Dangers
John E. Vidale
May/June 2006
Vol. 77, No. 3
Limitations of a Young Science
Seth Stein
March/April 2006
Vol. 77, No. 2
A Look Back At 1906—Perspectives On Great Earthquakes And Post-Earthquake Investigations
David P. Schwartz
January/February 2006
Vol. 77, No. 1
Earthquake Predictability, Brick by Brick
Thomas H. Jordan
November/December 2005
Vol. 76, No. 6
EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory GPS and Strainmeter Site Permitting: A Perspective Two Years into the Construction Phase
Mike E. Jackson and Kyle R. Bohnenstiehl
September/October 2005
Vol. 76, No. 5
Costs and Benefits of Improved Seismic Monitoring
Paul Somerville
July/August 2005
Vol. 76, No. 4
The Challenge of Earthquake Risk Assessment
Warwick Smith
May/June 2005
Vol. 76, No. 3
Breaking Omori’s Law of Public Awareness
Arthur Lerner-Lam and Leonardo Seeber
March/April 2005
Vol. 76, No. 2
Identifying and Saving Seismology’s Heirlooms
James W. Dewey and Harold Bolton
January/February 2005
Vol. 76, No. 1
Success and Failure at Parkfield
Allan Goddard Lindh
November/December 2004
Vol. 75, No. 6
Trends in Global Urban Earthquake Risk: A Call to the International Earth Science and Earthquake Engineering Communities
Brian E. Tucker
September/October 2004
Vol. 75, No. 5
No Free Lunch
Seth Stein
July/August 2004
Vol. 75, No. 4
Surface Faulting: A New Paradigm for the Pacific Northwest
Robert S. Yeats and Craig Weaver
May/June 2004
Vol. 75, No. 3
Stepping Up to the Plate
David Applegate
March/April 2004
Vol. 75, No. 2
Musings of a Retiring BSSA Editor
Michael Fehler
January/February 2004
Vol. 75, No. 1
Outreach and Education: Reflections from the Trenches
Susan E. Hough
November/December 2003
Vol. 74, No. 6
The Nature of Earthquake Prediction
Allan G. Lindh
September/October 2003
Vol. 74, No. 5
Science Can Save Us: Outreach as Necessity and Strategy
James D. Goltz
July/August 2003
Vol. 74, No. 4
Walkin’ the Line: Seeking That Delicate Balance between Scaring People to Death and Boring ‘em to Death
Stephanie Hanna
May/June 2003
Vol. 74, No. 3
Speculations on Earthquake Forecasting
Stuart Crampin, Yuan Gao, Sebastien Chastin, Shiela Peacock, and Peter Jackson
March/April 2003
Vol. 74, No. 2
Earthquake Safety: The Spotlight Is on Seismology
Bruce R. Clark
January/February 2003
Vol. 74, No. 1
Seismologists Must Begin Forecasting Earthquakes
John E. Ebel
November/December 2002
Vol. 73, No. 6
A Time for the Advanced National Seismic System
Gail Atkinson and Terry Wallace
July/August 2002
Vol. 73, No. 4
A Study of Earthquake Science
Thomas H. Jordan
May/June 2002
Vol. 73, No. 3
Mechanical Pollution
Nano Seeber
March/April 2002
Vol. 73, No. 2
A Rich Heritage Lost: Observations on the Effects of the Bhuj Earthquake, India
Randolph Langenbach
January/February 2002
Vol. 73, No. 1
Ethical Problems in Seismology
Agustin Udias
November/December 2001
Vol. 72, No. 6
Dawn of a New Era in Computational Global Seismology
Jeroen Tromp
September/October 2001
Vol. 72, No. 5
Drop, Cover, and Hold: How a Moderate Earthquake-hazard State Implemented Earthquake Preparedness in Schools
Gregory B. Champlin
July/August 2001
Vol. 72, No. 4
The Prophetic Urge to Warn People about Dangers That We Know Exist
Dr. James F. Davis
May/June 2001
Vol. 72, No. 3
Precautionary Principle: Applications to Seismic Hazard Analysis
John G. Anderson
March/April 2001
Vol. 72, No. 2
On Quantification of the Earthquake Source
Yehuda Ben-Zion
January/February 2001
Vol. 72, No. 1
The Buck Stops Here Too
Hilmar Bungum
November/December 2000
Vol. 71, No. 6
The HEDIAI Issue
James Beavers
September/October 2000
Vol. 71, No. 5
On the Scientific Value of “Unscientific” Data
Susan E. Hough
July/August 2000
Vol. 71, No. 4
True Confessions from a Magnitude-weary Seismologist
Lucy Jones
May/June 2000
Vol. 71, No. 3
Public Misconceptions about Faults and Earthquakes in the Eastern United States: Is It Our Own Fault?
Alan L. Kafka
March/April 2000
Vol. 71, No. 2
Front Row Seat at the Revolution
Susan B. Newman
January/February 2000
Vol. 71, No. 1
One Size Does Not Fit All
Roger Hansen
November/December 1999
Vol. 70, No. 6
Open Data, International Law, and the Nuclear Test-ban Treaty
Gregory van der Vink and Terry Wallace
September/October 1999
Vol. 70, No. 5
U.S. Seismic Networks: A Time for Change
Steve Malone
July/August 1999
Vol. 70, No. 4
The End of Earthquake Hazard
Cinna Lomnitz
May/June 1999
Vol. 70, No. 3
Stress-forecasting Earthquakes
Stuart Crampin
March/April 1999
Vol. 70, No. 2
The Almighty Earthquake
Kunihiko Shimazaki
January/February 1999
Vol. 70, No. 1
For Federal Funding of Scientific Research, Silence = Death
Kristine Dietz
November/December 1998
Vol. 69, No. 6
Do Regional Seismic Networks in the U.S. Have a Future?
Walter Arabasz
September/October 1998
Vol. 69, No. 5
Looking for Bears: Space Geodesy for Earthquake Studies
Seth Stein
July/August 1998
Vol. 69, No. 4
Earthquake Prediction IS Possible
Lowell S. Whiteside
May/June 1998
Vol. 69, No. 3
CTBT Ratification: A Call to Action
Howard J. Patton
March/April 1998
Vol. 69, No. 2
Why Is Earthquake Prediction So Difficult?
Paul Silver
January/February 1998
Vol. 69, No. 1
The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and Seismological Research
Thorne Lay
November/December 1997
Vol. 68, No. 6
The SSA and Government Regulations
Terry C. Wallace
September/October 1997
Vol. 68, No. 5
Implications of the Northridge and Kobe Earthquakes for the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program
Paul G. Somerville
July/August 1997
Vol. 68, No. 4
Predictable Publicity
Robert J. Geller
May/June 1997
Vol. 68, No. 3
Predictable Debate
Arthur L. Lerner-Lam
March/April 1997
Vol. 68, No. 2
Is the Study of Earthquakes a Basic Science?
Thomas H. Jordan
January/February 1997
Vol. 68, No. 1
Don't Call It Stress Drop
Gail M. Atkinson and Igor Beresnev
November/December 1996
Vol. 67, No. 6
The Role of Scientists
D. W. Simpson
September/October 1996
Vol. 67, No. 5
Seismologists and Educational Outreach
Michelle Hall-Wallace and Terry C. Wallace Jr.
July/August 1996
Vol. 67, No. 4
Earth Systems Science and the Evolution (Revolution?) of Seismology
Peter E. Malin
May/June 1996
Vol. 67, No. 3
The Case against Huge Earthquakes
S. E. Hough
March/April 1996
Vol. 67, No. 2
Long-Term Earthquake Forecasting
Larry J. Ruff
January/February 1996
Vol. 67, No. 1
The Case for Huge Earthquakes
David D. Jackson
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