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BSSA Publication Charges

Publication charges are based on the final number of printed pages in BSSA. Charges cover the cost of editing, copy editing, typesetting, and printing. Additional costs may be charged to authors who introduce substantive changes late in the production process.

Advance invoices for publication charges may be requested by contacting the editorial office.

Publication Charges

All published papers incur publication charges at the following rate:

Pages 1 – 7.................... $  90.00 per page

Pages 8 – 14 ................. $160.00 per page

Pages 15 and beyond..... $220.00 per page

Authors can estimate the number of journal pages by using this formula:
(# of ms words / 1100) + [(# of figures + # of tables) X 0.45]

Electronic Supplements ... $120.00 per supplement

Color Charges for Print*

There is an additional charge for printing a page with color:

First color page................ $1,175

Second color page ............$  725

Each additional color page $   215

* Color options:  Color figures can be published (1) in color both in the online journal and in the printed journal, or (2) in color online and gray scale in print. You must choose only one option for all of the color figures within a paper; that is, you cannot choose option (1) for one color figure and option (2) for another color figure. You cannot submit two versions of the same figure, one for color and one for gray scale.

The color-in-print option requires that you pay full page and color charges. Before choosing this option, please carefully review page and color costs above and ensure that you have the necessary funding.  Selecting this option means that no charges (page or color charges) can be waived.

For the color-online-only option, there is no charge for color. You are responsible for ensuring that color figures are understandable when converted to gray scale for the print version and that text references and captions are appropriate for both online and print versions. For information on preparing figures, see the art guidelines. If you choose the option of color online and gray scale in print, it is essential that you review the Tutorial on Producing Online-Only Color Figures.

Example:  A 17 page article with 3 color figures will cost $4,525 if the figures are printed in color. The same article will cost only $2,410 if the figures are printed in grayscale and appear in color only online.

  • Before choosing option 1, please ensure that there is funding to support color in print.  Neither publication charges nor color charges are ever waived for articles that contain color in print. 
  • Color figures must be submitted before the paper is accepted for publication.
  • If color figures are changed to gray scale after acceptance of the paper, there will be a delay to publication while the paper undergoes further review by the Editorial Board.


SSA does not offer free offprints. Offprints of papers may be ordered at the time final proofs are approved by authors. Costs are available from the BSSA Editorial Office upon request.


The author (or someone deisgnated by the author) will be billed for publication charges after publication of the article. For billing questions, please contact SSA Headquarters via telephone at (510) 525-5474 or via email at <accounts [at]>.  Advance invoices are sent if requested.


Last Modified: 2014 May 12