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Ghost forests like this one south of Seward, Alaska, formed after the great 1964 M 9.2 Alaska earthquake and tsunami, when subsidence drove tree roots below sea level and drowned them in salt water. Here researchers continue investigations into the post-1964 stratigraphic record at Bulldog Cove. The 1964 Alaskan earthquake has a widespread legacy that has shaped science and society in the 49th state and around the globe. Read more about the event, what’s happened in the ensuing half-century, and what the future holds, in this issue’s Opinion column. The article, co-authored by Alaskan scientists and the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission, introduces this great earth- quake’s 50th anniversary and the 2014 Seismological Society of America’s Annual Meeting, which will be held in Anchorage 30 April–2 May. Photo by Peter Haeussler, USGS.

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March/April 2014
Vol. 85, No. 2
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Seismological Research Letters

The bimonthly Seismological Research Letters serves as a general forum for informal communication among seismologists, as well as between seismologists and those nonspecialists interested in seismology and related disciplines. The contents of SRL include contributed articles on topics of broad seismological interest, opinion pieces on current seismological topics, News and Notes about seismology in the U.S. and internationally, Transitions notes about seismologists, special earthquake reports, and letters to the editor.

"The Electronic Seismologist" is one of SRL's most popular columns. Many readers find its information on data exchange, the World Wide Web, and bulletin boards containing seismological information necessary reading. "EduQuakes" aims to provide a forum for the ongoing educational mission of the Seismological Society.

SRL prides itself on its ability to disseminate information quickly. For example, articles with preliminary reports about recent earthquakes of major public interest have appeared in as little as two months after the occurrences of the events. In summary, SRL is an excellent tool for keeping current on developments in earthquake seismology.

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