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The Board of Directors of SSA endorsed establishment of the EarthScope project in this resolution. EarthScope became the first earth science National Science Foundation Major Research Equipment Project. SSA continues to support funding for the EarthScope Program implementation and research.

Resolution in Support of the National Science Foundation's EarthScope Initiative

EarthScope is the first National Science Foundation Major Research Equipment (MRE) initiative of the Earth Sciences Division. It is a multi-disciplinary observing system designed to image the structure and deformation of the North American continent in unprecedented detail. EarthScope has been approved by the National Science Board and is expected to be included in the National Science Foundationís budget request for FY2003.

EarthScope will provide us with observations necessary to make fundamental advances in the structure and evolution of our continent, and in the physics of earthquakes and magmatic processes. These advances in understanding have the potential to significantly reduce the risk from seismic and volcanic hazards.

Over 50 universities, research institutions, and federal agencies have already participated in the planning and organization of EarthScope. Several hundred organizations across the nation will be involved in operation, maintenance, and analysis. All data from EarthScope will be openly available without restriction or delay to maximize participation from the scientific community and to provide on-going educational opportunities for students at all grade levels.

Therefore, Be it Resolved:

The Seismological Society of America strongly supports the National Science Foundationís FY03 funding request for the EarthScope initiative.

Last Modified: 2008 Jul 23