Electronic Supplement to
A Paleoseismic Record of Earthquakes for the Dead Sea Transform Fault between the First and Seventh Centuries CE: Nonperiodic Behavior of a Plate Boundary Fault

by Neta Wechsler, Thomas K. Rockwell, Yann Klinger, Petra Stepancikova, Mor Kanari, Shmulik Marco, and Amotz Agnon


This electronic supplement presents high-resolution photomosaic logs of the trench walls of the study site (Fig. S1) and unit descriptions for channels 3 and 4 (Table S1).


Figure S1 [PDF; 42.5 MB]. High resolution photomosaic logs of trench walls. 14C sample dates in the log are not calibrated (years BP). For trench locations, see Figure 2c in the main article. Units are numbered and their descriptions appear in Table S1of the supplementary material: (a) north wall of T45; (b) south wall of T45; (c) east wall of T41a, which is a deeper re-exposure of T33; (d) north wall of T37; (e) south wall of T37; (f) east wall of T33 where channel 3 is exposed; (g) north wall of T39; (h) south wall of T39; and (i) east wall of T34, where channels 2 and 3 are exposed.


Table S1. Unit descriptions for channels 3 and 4.

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