Bulletin of the
Seismological Society of America

Volume 94· Number 4· August 2004


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The 14 November 2001 Kokoxili (Kunlunshan), Tibet, Earthquake: Rupture Transfer through a Large Extensional Step-OverE
    Michael Antolik, Rachel E. Abercrombie, and Göran Ekström

A Source Study of the Bhuj, India, Earthquake of 26 January 2001 (Mw 7.6)
    S. K. Singh, J. F. Pacheco, B. K. Bansal, X. Pérez-Campos, R. S. Dattatrayam, and G. Suresh

Short-Term Properties of Earthquake Catalogs and Models of Earthquake Source
    Yan Y. Kagan

Pattern and Rates of Faulting in the Central Nevada Seismic Belt, and Paleoseismic Evidence for Prior Beltlike Behavior
    John W. Bell, S. John Caskey, Alan R. Ramelli, and Luca Guerrieri

Historic Surface Faulting and Paleoseismicity in the Area of the 1954 Rainbow Mountain–Stillwater Earthquake Sequence, Central Nevada
    S. John Caskey, John W. Bell, Alan R. Ramelli, and Steven G. Wesnousky

Great Earthquakes and Tsunamis of the Past 2000 Years at the Salmon River Estuary, Central Oregon Coast, USA
    Alan R. Nelson, Andrew C. Asquith, and Wendy C. Grant

The Tejon Pass Earthquake of 22 October 1916: An M 5.6 Event on the Lockwood Valley and San Andreas Faults, Southern California
    Aron J. Meltzner and Thomas K. Rockwell

The 20 and 27 April 1894 (Locris, Central Greece) Earthquake Sources through Coeval Records on Macroseismic Effects
    Paola Albini and Daniela Pantosti

A Study of Possible Ground-Motion Amplification at the Coyote Lake Dam, California
    David M. Boore, Vladimir M. Grazier, John C. Tinsley, and Anthony F. Shakal

Estimating Absolute Site Effects
    Luca Malagnini, Kevin Mayeda, Aybige Akinci, and Pier Luigi Bragato

Modeling of 3D Basin Structures for Seismic Wave Simulations Based on Available Information on the Target Area: Case Study of the Osaka Basin, Japan
    Takao Kagawa, Boming Zhao, Ken Miyakoshi, and Kojiro Irikura

Regression Analysis with Truncated Samples and Its Application to Ground-Motion Attenuation Studies
    Pier Luigi Bragato

Interpretation of the Seattle Uplift, Washington, as a Passive-Roof Duplex
    Thomas M. Brocher, Richard J. Blakely, and Ray E. Wells

Gravity Study through the Tualatin Mountains, Oregon: Understanding Crustal Structure and Earthquake Hazards in the Portland Urban Area
    Richard J. Blakely, Marvin H. Beeson, Kenneth Cruikshank, Ray E. Wells, Ansel Johnson, and Ken Walsh

Rayleigh Waves Generated by Mining Explosions and Upper Crustal Structure around the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
    Rong-Mao Zhou and Brian W. Stump

Seismic Velocity and Attenuation Structure of the East Rift Zone and South Flank of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
    S. Hansen, C. Thurber, M. Mandernach, F. Haslinger, and C. Doran

Attenuation of Short-Period P Waves at Mount St. Helens
    Giuseppina Tusa, Stephen D. Malone, Elisabetta Giampiccolo, Stefano Gresta, and Carla Musumeci

Application of Autoregressive Extrapolation to Seismic Tomography
    Cuiping Li and Robert L. Nowack

Regularized Deconvolution of Local Short-Period Seismograms in the Wavelet Packet Domain
    J. J. Galiana-Merino, J. Rosa-Herranz, J. Giner, S. Molina, and F. Botella

Using Delay-Fired Quarry Blasts to Image the Crust: A Comparison of Methods for Deconvolving Mixed-Delay Source Wavelets
    Robert B. Hawman

Crustal Scattering and Some Artifacts in Receiver Function Images
    Igor B. Morozov

Finite Volume Method for 2D Elastic Wave Propagation
    M. Tadi

Some Integrals Useful in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard AnalysisE
    M. Ordaz

Ambient Noise Levels in the Continental United States
    Daniel E. McNamara and Raymond P. Buland

Collection of a Reference Event Set for Regional and Teleseismic Location CalibrationE
    István Bondár, E. Robert Engdahl, Xiaoping Yang, Hafidh A. A. Ghalib, Abraham Hofstetter, Victor Kirichenko, Robert Wagner, Indra Gupta, Göran Ekström, Eric Bergman, Hans Israelsson, and Keith McLaughlin

Short Notes

Real-Time Seismic Warning with a Two-Station Subarray
    Paul Rydelek and Jose Pujol

Distortion of Response Spectra Due to Noise
    Myunghyun Noh and Kang-Ryong Choi

Hybrid Modeling of Elastic P-SV Wave Motion: A Combined Finite-Element and Staggered-Grid Finite-Difference Approach
    Shuo Ma, Ralph J. Archuleta, and Pengcheng Liu

Q of the Indian Shield
    S. K. Singh, D. García, J. F. Pacheco, R. Valenzuela, B. K. Bansal, and R. S. Dattatrayam

Revisiting the 23 February 1892 Laguna Salada Earthquake
    Susan E. Hough and Austin Elliot

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