Electronic Supplement to
Regional Low-Magnitude GMPE to Estimate Spectral Accelerations for Earthquake Early Warning Applications in Southern Italy

by Elisa Zuccolo, Francesca Bozzoni, and Carlo G. Lai

This electronic supplement contains tables of seismic stations and main features of selected ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs).

Seismic Stations

Table S1 summarizes the main characteristics of the stations selected for this study. As discussed in the main article, the soil category was established, where possible, based on geotechnical, geophysical, and geological data. Interpretation of the acquired data led to the definition of soil category based on the VS30 parameter calculated at eight stations. For the remaining stations, the soil category was recovered from either the ITalian ACcelerometric Archive (ITACA 2.1) database or from the classification from Analysis and Monitoring of Environmental Risk (AMRA). Because most of the accelerograms were recorded at stations classified as soil type B, it was decided to limit the development of the regional GMPE only for soil type B category.

Comparison among GMPEs

Table S2 summarizes the main features of the regional and global GMPEs used for the comparison with the GMPE developed in this study. Please refer to the original papers for a detailed description of the selected GMPEs.


Table S1. Seismic stations selected for this study, associated network, location, soil category, and number of recordings used to develop the GMPE. The asterisks indicate that the site category was defined based on geological data (* retrieved from ITACA 2.1, ** provided by AMRA), whereas the remaining values are obtained from VS measurements (in boldface are indicated the stations where a site class was determined in this study, whereas the regular font is used for the stations with the site category retrieved from ITACA 2.1).

Table S2. Main features (region of validity, magnitude and distance ranges, site conditions, and intensity measures) of the selected GMPEs. The functional form adopted in this study and the values of standard deviation for peak ground acceleration (PGA) and the spectral accelerations at the structural periods of T = 0.1 s, 0.3 s, and 1.5 s are shown as well. The coefficients determined through regressions are highlighted in bold. Logs are in base 10.

Data and Resources

VS measurements at some recording sites have been downloaded from ITalian ACcelerometric Archive (ITACA) 2.1 (http://itaca.mi.ingv.it/, last accessed May 2016). The soil categories of recording sites based on geological information have been retrieved from ITACA 2.1 and provided by analysis and monitoring of environmental risk (AMRA, personal comm., February 2015; http://www.amracenter.com/).

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