Electronic Supplement to
Report on the August 2012 Brawley Earthquake Swarm in Imperial Valley, Southern California

doi: 10.1785/0220120124

by Egill Hauksson, Joann Stock, Roger Bilham, Maren Boese, Xiaowei Chen, Eric J. Fielding, John Galetzka, Kenneth W. Hudnut, Kate Hutton, Lucile M. Jones, Hiroo Kanamori, Peter M. Shearer, Jamie Steidl, Jerry Treiman, Shengji Wei, and Wenzheng Yang

Tables of Finite Source Model and Stress Drops

Table S1 is tabulation of the parameters of the finite source model for the Mw 5.4 earthquake. Table S2 is the tabulation of stress drops, including the event ID and other earthquake parameters.


Table S1. The finite source model for the largest event in the sequence.

Table S2. Catalog of earthquakes for which stress drops were determined.

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