About Seismic Tomography 2020

Seismic Tomography: What Comes Next?

As the field of seismic tomography enters its middle age, it’s time to take stock of the field’s accomplishments, challenges and prospects. This new SSA meeting aims to be a forum for tomography
experts and adjacent researchers to present recent findings and evaluate techniques and models. We encourage attendees to come with ambitious and even “wild ideas” for advancing tomography’s reach in the geosciences.

We encourage submissions in classic tomography research, full waveform tomography, time-dependent tomography, near-surface imaging and joint inversion research, along with discussion of uncertainty analysis, imaging instrumentation, quantitative interpretation of images and new imaging tools such as ambient noise interferometry.

Important Dates

Abstract Submissions: 1 April–1 June 2020
SIG at the SSA 2020 Annual Meeting: 29 April 2020
Abstract Confirmation Notices: 15 June 2020
Registration Opens: June 2020
Program Announced: 1 July 2020
Tomography Meeting: 9–11 October 2020

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Special Interest Group

At the 2020 Annual Meeting, SSA will hold a Special Interest Group to discuss the Tomography 2020 meeting. The Co-chairs encourage SSA members to attend and be involved in shaping and developing the Tomography meeting to serve the community. This event will take place the evening of Wednesday, 29 April.