Global Travel Grants

2018 Global Travel Grant Recipients Announced

The recipients of the 2018 SSA Global Travel Grant are Kseniia Nepeina and Karen Pearson.

Nepeina, a student at the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences, will receive $1,000 to attend the 18th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy in Israel, held 4-9 November 2018, where she will meet and collaborate with other scientists while learning more about seismic wave phenomena in anisotropic media.

Pearson, who is currently studying at the University of Maryland, will be awarded $1,450 to attend the 11th International Workshop on Statistical Seismology in Japan. She will share her research and learn more about how other seismologists are using statistics in their research.

This travel grant program offers financial assistance to students attending a workshop, a small domestic scientific meeting or international scientific meeting connected to earthquake science or seismology.

Eligibility requirements for 2019 grant program:

  • Applicant must be an SSA Student member in good standing for at least six months prior to open application period.
  • Attendance at the meeting must be directly connected to the study or application of earthquake science or seismology.
  • The meeting or workshop must have ~1,000 or fewer attendees. [Examples of ineligible meetings: AGU, GSA and SEG since they all have more than 1000 attendees.]

Applications will be accepted again from 1 February until 28 February 2019.

Review a Sample Application [1 MB].

If you have any questions, please email SSA at

Please note: this travel grant does not provide funds for SSA’s Annual Meeting. To learn more about SSA Annual meeting travel grants, you may visit this webpage.