Tomography Meeting


During the past decade, the field of seismic tomography has made a tremendous leap forward. Ambient noise interferometry has emerged and matured; modern computational resources enable 3D elastic full-waveform inversion; dense receiver networks provide unprecedented volumes of data; we start to be able to see tiny changes of Earth structure over time.

This new SSA meeting is intended to serve as a platform to critically discuss what has been and what remains to be achieved. Specific topics include but are not limited to: the quantitative interpretation of tomographic images, uncertainty analysis and reproducibility, the role and accessibility of rapidly growing HPC resources and necessary improvements in data acquisition and modeling technology.


Andreas Fichtner, ETH Zürich
Clifford Thurber, University of Wisconsin-Madison


911 October 2020

Meeting Location

Westin Harbour Castle
1 Harbour Square
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A6 Canada
+1 416-869-1600

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