Thank you for your interest in an 18-Month SSA membership!

Thank you for renewing your SSA membership! To purchase an 18-month membership, please select the appropriate form below:

  • Regular Membership ($100):  Print BSSA is available for $75 (inside the US) or $105 (outside the US).  Print SRL is available for an additional $40 (inside the US) or $60 (outside the US).
  • Student Membership ($25): This significant discount is given to those who can show they are current students. They may opt for a print SRL for an additional $40 (inside the US) or $60 (outside the US).
  • Developing Country Membership ($45): An all-electronic membership option for individuals who are both residing in and a citizen of a country whose economy is classified other than “high-income” by the World Bank.