Ellen M. Rathje to Deliver 2018 William B. Joyner Lecture

Ellen Rathje

25 October 2017–The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) and the Seismological Society of America (SSA) are pleased to announce that University of Texas at Austin Professor Ellen M. Rathje is the 2018 recipient of the William B. Joyner Lecture Award. Rathje will deliver the Joyner Lecture at Seismology 2018, a … Continue Reading »

Call for Papers: SRL Focus Section on North Korea’s September 2017 Nuclear Test and Its Aftermath

23 October 2017 – Seismological Research Letters (SRL) announces a Focus Section on North Korea’s September 2017 Nuclear Test and Its Aftermath. Since the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) (North Korea) announced on 03 September 2017 that it had successfully tested a thermonuclear weapon (hydrogen bomb), there has been … Continue Reading »

At Work: Carol Prentice

Carol Prentice

9 October 2017–USGS research geologist Carol Prentice’s career path has been globe-trotting, taking her to field sites in Northern California, the Caribbean and Mongolia, among other places. “I really love the San Andreas fault, but I guess I don’t have a favorite place to work,” Prentice says. Prentice splits her … Continue Reading »

Large Quakes Along Olympic Mountain Faults

A comprehensive study of faults along the north side of the Olympic Mountains of Washington State emphasizes the substantial seismic hazard to the northern Puget Lowland region. The BSSA study examined the Lake Creek-Boundary Creek and Sadie Creek faults along the north flank the Olympic Mountains. … Continue Reading »

SRL Focus Section on Geophone Array Seismology

Submission Deadline: 15 February 2018 The availability of autonomous, integrated geophone and digitizer systems that continuously record seismic signals has opened up many new directions and applications in seismological research. Compared to broadband and short-period sensors, these geophone systems are generally cheaper and easier to deploy. These systems can be … Continue Reading »