March/April SRL Available

23 February 2017 – The complete march/April 2017 issue of Seismological Research Letters, Volume 88, Number 2A, is now available online at the GeoScienceWorld website. This issue includes:

Cover of SRL 88:2A.
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The Mw 7.8 Ecuador earthquake of 16 April 2016 was the sixth earthquake larger than Mw 7 to rupture the subduction megathrust between the Nazca and South American plates since 1906. He et al., (this issue) used InSAR images to determine coseismic surface displacements associated with this earthquake. The 2016 earthquake is coincident with the location of the 1942 Mw 7.8 earthquake, and both likely ruptured an asperity that also failed in the 1906 Mw 8.8 earthquake. Shown here is the location and local detail of the megathrust. For this same 2016 event, Beauval et al. (this issue) compared observed ground-motion attenuation data with four different ground-motion prediction equations, evaluating the interface models used for seismic-hazard studies.

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