Electronic Supplement to
Conditional Mean Spectrum of Aftershocks

by Rui-Guang Zhu, Da-Gang Lu, Xiao-Hui Yu, and Guang-Yuan Wang

This electronic supplement gives the detailed information of a set of 662 mainshock–aftershock (MS–AS) ground-motion sequences selected in this study, including the record sequence number (RSN), earthquake name, magnitude, Joyner–Boore distance, rupture distance, centroid Joyner–Boore distance, etc.


Table S1. List of the selected MS–AS ground-motion sequences.

Data and Resources

The values of every column listed in Table S1 are taken from the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) Next Generation Attenuation-West2 (NGA-West2) database flatfile (http://peer.berkeley.edu/ngawest2/databases/, last accessed October 2016).

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