Electronic Supplement to
Cavity Radius Scaling for Underground Explosions in Hard Rock

by Anastasia Stroujkova, Mario Carnevale, and Oleg Vorobiev

This electronic supplement contains composite logs for the explosions conducted in Barre, Vermont. Well logging was conducted in the evacuated boreholes for three explosions ([Log S1] S1-3, [Log S2] S2-2, and [Log S3] S2-4) in August 2015. The logging included caliper, acoustic televiewer (ATV), and optical televiewer (OTV). Shots S2-2 and S2-4 were detonated using ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO). Shot S1-3 was detonated using factory-made composition B (COMP B) charge.


Log S1 [Adobe PDF; ~3.6 MB]. COMP-B shot S1-3.

Log S2 [Adobe PDF; ~2.9 MB]. ANFO shot S2-2.

Log S3 [Adobe PDF; ~4.5 MB]. ANFO shot S2-4.

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