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Volume 88, Number 2A · March/April 2017

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Opinion: Building a National Seismic Monitoring Center: NEIC from 2000 to the Present
[Public Link]

Harley Benz
Electronic Seismologist: A MATLAB Toolbox for Estimating the Second Moments of Earthquake Ruptures
Jeffrey J. McGuire
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: MATLAB scripts.
Electronic Seismologist: GrowClust: A Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Relative Earthquake Relocation, with Application to the Spanish Springs and Sheldon, Nevada, Earthquake Sequences
Daniel T. Trugman and Peter M. Shearer
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Maps of Spanish Springs and Sheldon sequences with relocation uncertainty, and tables of velocity models and relocated catalogs for the Spanish Springs and Sheldon Sequences.
Electronic Seismologist: SplitRacer: MATLAB Code and GUI for Semiautomated Analysis and Interpretation of Teleseismic Shear-Wave Splitting
Miriam Christina Reiss and Georg Rümpker
Electronic Seismologist: Crazyseismic: A MATLAB GUI-Based Software Package for Passive Seismic Data Preprocessing
Chunquan Yu, Yingcai Zheng, and Xuefeng Shang
Eduquakes: How Students Can Experience Science and Become Researchers: Tracking MERMAID Floats in the Oceans
[Public Link]

F. Bigot-Cormier and J.-L. Berenguer
Eduquakes: The Field Experiences for Science Teachers (FEST) Program: Involving Connecticut High School Science Teachers in Field Seismology
[Public Link]

Maureen D. Long
Coseismic Slip in the 2016 Mw 7.8 Ecuador Earthquake Imaged from Sentinel-1A Radar Interferometry
Ping He, Eric A. Hetland, Qi Wang, Kaihua Ding, Yangmao Wen, and Rong Zou
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Recorded and synthetic interferograms, figures of trade-off between fault parameters, checkerboard test, and coseismic slip model.
Comparison of Observed Ground-Motion Attenuation for the 16 April 2016 Mw 7.8 Ecuador Megathrust Earthquake and Its Two Largest Aftershocks with Existing Ground-Motion Prediction Equations
Céline Beauval, J. Marinière, A. Laurendeau, J.-C. Singaucho, C. Viracucha, M. Vallée, E. Maufroy, D. Mercerat, H. Yepes, M. Ruiz, and A. Alvarado
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Figures of VS30 values based on topography versus rupture distance and difference between reference VS30 and VS30 based on topography versus distance, residuals, event terms, and intraevent standard deviations.
Moment Tensor Inversion for Nuclear Explosions: What Can We Learn from the 6 January and 9 September 2016 Nuclear Tests, North Korea?
Simone Cesca, Sebastian Heimann, Marius Kriegerowski, Joachim Saul, and Torsten Dahm
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Results of simulated annealing moment tensor (MT) inversion using a synthetic dataset, and a table of amplitude correction coefficients for each station used for the MT inversion.
Estimation of the Frequency–Magnitude Gutenberg–Richter b-Value without Making Assumptions on Levels of Completeness
Andrzej Kijko and Ansie Smit
Model Update May 2016: Upper-Mantle Heterogeneity beneath North America from Travel-Time Tomography with Global and USArray Data
Scott Burdick, Frank L. Vernon, Vladik Martynov, Jennifer Eakins, Trilby Cox, Jonathan Tytell, Taimi Mulder, Malcolm C. White, Luciana Astiz, Gary L. Pavlis, and Robert D. van der Hilst
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: MATLAB MITP_USA_2016MAYmodel and plotting scripts, figures of checkerboard tests, and animations of model evolution.
Improving the Hawaiian Seismic Network for Earthquake Early Warning
Alicia J. Hotovec-Ellis, Paul Bodin, Wes Thelen, Paul Okubo, and John E. Vidale
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Map of approximate warning time.
Exploiting the Demographics of “Did You Feel It?” Responses to Estimate the Felt Area of Moderate Earthquakes in California
John Boatwright and Eleyne Phillips
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: “Did You Feel It?” (DYFI) maps.
The New Zealand Tsunami Database: Historical and Modern Records
G. Downes, A. Barberopoulou, U. Cochran, K. Clark, and F. Scheele
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Descriptions of important attributes contained in the New Zealand Tsunami Database; a complete list of attributes.
Dynamic Strains for Earthquake Source Characterization
Andrew J. Barbour and Brendan W. Crowell
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Figures showing number of observations by station name and earthquake ID, decomposition of the regression biases using the CRUST1.0 global velocity model, and an example of dynamic strains estimated by triangulation of colocated Global Positioning System (GPS) – strong-motion instruments for the 2011 M 9 Tohoku-Oki earthquake.
Eastern Section Articles
Are Ground‐Motion Models Derived from Natural Events Applicable to the Estimation of Expected Motions for Induced Earthquakes?
Gail M. Atkinson and Karen Assatourians
Quaternary Displacement Rates on the Meeman-Shelby Fault and Joiner Ridge Horst, Eastern Arkansas: Results from Coring Mississippi River Alluvium
Alex Ward, Ronald Counts, Roy Van Arsdale, Daniel Larsen, and Shannon Mahan

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