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Theoretical Basis for the Observed Break in ML/Mw Scaling between Small and Large Earthquakes
Nicholas Deichmann
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Figures of hypocenter locations of the induced seismicity below Basel and of seismograms showing the degree of similarity among signals.

Local Earthquake Magnitude Scale and b-Value for the Danakil Region of Northern Afar
Finnigan Illsley-Kemp, Derek Keir, Jonathan M. Bull, Atalay Ayele, James O. S. Hammond, J.-Michael Kendall, Ryan J. Gallacher, Thomas Gernon, and Berhe Goitom
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: List of all local earthquakes used in the study with calculated local magnitudes and associated magnitude error.

Local Magnitude Discrepancies for Near-Event Receivers: Implications for the U.K. Traffic-Light Scheme
Antony Butcher, Richard Luckett, James P. Verdon, J.-Michael Kendall, Brian Baptie, and James Wookey

Fluid Injection and Seismic Activity in the Northern Montney Play, British Columbia, Canada, with Special Reference to the 17 August 2015 Mw 4.6 Induced Earthquake
Alireza Babaie Mahani, Ryan Schultz, Honn Kao, Dan Walker, Jeff Johnson, and Carlos Salas
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Tables of injection volumes and seismicity parameters, and figure of monthly distribution of seismic events and location of fluid injection sites in the vicinity of the 17 August 2015 Mw 4.6 event.

Relocated Hypocenters and Structural Analysis from Waveform Modeling of Aftershocks from the 2011 Prague, Oklahoma, Earthquake Sequence
Marius P. Isken and Walter D. Mooney
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Empirical and synthetic data, model parameters, and geological figures.

Apparent Late Quaternary Fault-Slip Rate Increase in the Southern Lower Rhine Graben, Central Europe
Ryan D. Gold, Anke Friedrich, Simon Kübler, and Martin Salamon
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Table of main terrace surface and basal contact offset measurements, figure describing an unrealistic faulting scenario, and a KML file with the fault-trace mapping spanning the Lower Rhine graben.

Stepover Rupture of the 2014 Mw 7.0 Yutian, Xinjiang, Earthquake
Hao Zhang and Zengxi Ge
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Figures of waveform comparison and the synthetic test for spatial resolution.

Revisiting the 1956 Anjar Earthquake in Western India: Empirical Green’s Function Approach
Pallabee Choudhury, Sumer Chopra, Ketan Singha Roy, Jyoti Sharma, and B. K. Rastogi

Properties of Noise Cross-Correlation Functions Obtained from a Distributed Acoustic Sensing Array at Garner Valley, California
Xiangfang Zeng, Chelsea Lancelle, Clifford Thurber, Dante Fratta, Herb Wang, Neal Lord, Athena Chalari, and Andy Clarke

Detailed Analysis of the Far-Regional Seismic Coda in Kazakhstan Using Array Processing
Claire Labonne, Olivier Sèbe, Alexandr Smirnov, Stéphane Gaffet, Yves Cansi, and Natalya Mikhailova
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Figures showing frequency content of detections.

Improving Global Radial Anisotropy Tomography: The Importance of Simultaneously Inverting for Crustal and Mantle Structure
Sung-Joon Chang and Ana M. G. Ferreira

An Assessment of Crustal and Upper-Mantle Velocity Structure by Removing the Effect of an Ice Layer on the P-Wave Response: An Application to Antarctic Seismic Studies
Jordan H. Graw, Samantha E. Hansen, Charles A. Langston, Brian A. Young, Akram Mostafanejad, and Yongcheol Park
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Figure of measured data, the vertical-component stack used in deconvolution, and the resultant vertical, radial, and tangential transfer functions.

Moment Tensor for Seismic Sources on a Bimaterial Interface: A Hyperfunction Approach
Çağrı Diner and A. Özgün Konca

Stable and Transportable Seismic Yield Estimation from Local Full-Envelope Template Matching
Seung-Hoon Yoo

Assessment of Infrasound Detectors Based on Analyst Review, Environmental Effects, and Detection Characteristics
Junghyun Park, Chris T. Hayward, Cleat P. Zeiler, Stephen J. Arrowsmith, and Brian W. Stump
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Figures showing summary of detection results and polar plots of correlation estimates and phase velocity with respective to azimuth.

Ocean-Bottom Seismometer Instrument Orientations via Automated Rayleigh-Wave Arrival-Angle Measurements
Adrian K. Doran and Gabi Laske
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Tables containing station parameters, including location and depth, as well as calculated orientation for the H1 component of the broadband sensors.

Subtracting Tilt from a Horizontal Seismometer Using a Ground-Rotation Sensor
Krishna Venkateswara, Charles A. Hagedorn, Jens H. Gundlach, Jeffery Kissel, Jim Warner, Hugh Radkins, Thomas Shaffer, Brian Lantz, Richard Mittleman, Fabrice Matichard, and Robert Schofield

System Identification Based on Deconvolution and Cross Correlation: An Application to a 20-Story Instrumented Building in Anchorage, Alaska
Weiping Wen and Erol Kalkan

Large-Scale Earthquake-Hazard Class Mapping by Parcel in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada
Aasha Pancha, Satish K. Pullammanappallil, L. Travis West, John N. Louie, and Werner K. Hellmer
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Table listing the "Priorities for Action" outlined for disaster risk reduction under the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction accomplished through the Parcel Mapping Project.

Analysis of Seismic-Driven Instability of Mt. Nuovo in the Ischia Island, Italy
Maria Ausilia Paparo and Stefano Tinti

Anomalous Pn Amplitudes through the Southeastern Tarim Basin and Western Tien Shan along Two Profiles: Observations and Interpretations
Hongchun Wang, Sidao Ni, Ping Jin, Wenxue Liu, Xiong Xu, Changzhou Pan, Haofeng Zhu, and Henglei Xu

Long-Period Amplification in Deep Alluvial Basins and Consequences for Site-Specific Probabilistic Seismic-Hazard Analysis: An Example from the Po Plain (Northern Italy)
C. Mascandola, M. Massa, S. Barani, S. Lovati, and M. Santulin

Source-Related Variability of Site Response in the Mygdonian Basin (Greece) from Accelerometric Recordings and 3D Numerical Simulations
Emeline Maufroy, Emmanuel Chaljub, Nikolaos P. Theodoulidis, Zafeiria Roumelioti, Fabrice Hollender, Pierre-Yves Bard, Florent de Martin, Cédric Guyonnet-Benaize, and Ludovic Margerin
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Movies of simulated wave propagation, figures of surface-to-downhole standard spectral ratio (SSR), group delay duration lengthening (GDDL), earthquake horizontal-to-vertical ratio (EHVR), and synthetic waveforms.

Surface Motion of a Half-Space with a Semicylindrical Canyon under P, SV, and Rayleigh Waves
Chao Zhang, Qijian Liu, and Peng Deng

Displacement and Stress Associated with Distributed Anelastic Deformation in a Half-Space
Sylvain Barbot, James D. P. Moore, and Valère Lambert
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Animations of displacement and stress.

Influence of Lithostatic Stress on Earthquake Stress Drops in North America
Oliver S. Boyd, Daniel E. McNamara, Stephen Hartzell, and George Choy
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Earthquake catalog.

Alternative (G-16v2) Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Central and Eastern North America
Vladimir Graizer

Ground-Motion Prediction Model for Vertical Response Spectra from Mexican Interplate Earthquakes
A. D. García-Soto and Miguel A. Jaimes

Ground-Motion Prediction Equation for the Chilean Subduction Zone
Gonzalo A. Montalva, Nicolás Bastías, and Adrian Rodriguez-Marek
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Tables of regression coefficients for the high-quality (HQ) model and 95% confidence intervals for model’s coefficients and MATLAB implementation of the ground-motion prediction equation (GMPE).

Testing Ground-Motion Prediction Equations against Small-to-Moderate Magnitude Data in Iran
H. Zafarani and A. Farhadi

Partially Nonergodic Empirical Ground-Motion Models for Predicting Horizontal and Vertical PGV, PGA, and 5% Damped Linear Acceleration Response Spectra Using Data from the Iranian Plateau
Farhad Sedaghati and Shahram Pezeshk
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Lists of the events and stations considered in the final dataset and derived coefficients of the functional form.

Empirical Evaluation of Hierarchical Ground-Motion Models: Score Uncertainty and Model Weighting
Sum Mak, Robert Alan Clements, and Danijel Schorlemmer
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Python script to compute the multivariate logarithmic score for a hierarchical lognormal ground-motion model.

Ground-Motion Variability for Single Site and Single Source through Deterministic Stochastic Method Simulations: Implications for PSHA
Maria D’Amico, Mara Monica Tiberti, Emiliano Russo, Francesca Pacor, and Roberto Basili
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Histograms of synthetic peak ground accelerations (PGAs) and peak ground velocities (PGVs).

Derivative-Based Global Sensitivity Analysis: Upper Bounding of Sensitivities in Seismic-Hazard Assessment Using Automatic Differentiation
Christian Molkenthin, Frank Scherbaum, Andreas Griewank, Hernan Leovey, Sergei Kucherenko, and Fabrice Cotton

Short Notes

The Predictive Power of Ground-Motion Prediction Equations
D. Bindi

The Relation between Ground Acceleration and Earthquake Source Parameters: Theory and Observations
Itzhak Lior and Alon Ziv

Validation of 3D Velocity Models Using Earthquakes with Shallow Slip: Case Study of the 2014 Mw 6.0 South Napa, California, Event
Walter Imperatori and František Gallovič
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Description of the smoothing process, figures showing results for alternative fault geometry, other inversion tests and waveform comparisons, and a movie of wave propagation.

Paleoseismic Evidence for the 21 April 1918 Mw 6.9 Surface Rupture of the Northern Clark Strand of the Central San Jacinto Fault, California
J. Barrett Salisbury, Thomas K. Rockwell, and Mike T. Buga

A Combined Earthquake–Landslide Source Model for the Tsunami from the 27 November 1945 Mw 8.1 Makran Earthquake
Mohammad Heidarzadeh and Kenji Satake
Ⓔ Electronic Supplement: Tables listing parameters of the splay fault and landslide scenarios, and figures showing deformation and coastal tsunami amplitudes from splay fault and landslide scenarios.

Role of the Kopili Fault in Deformation Tectonics of the Indo-Burmese Arc Inferred from the Rupture Process of the 3 January 2016 Mw 6.7 Imphal Earthquake
A. P. Singh, N. Purnachandra Rao, M. Ravi Kumar, M.-C. Hsieh, and L. Zhao

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