Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service to SSA Award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the work of the Seismological Society of America. This award is presented at the annual meeting following the year of the award.

Call for Nominations

Nomination Procedure

Any member of the SSA may nominate a candidate for the Distinguished Service Award. A nomination package must be submitted to the Secretary of the Society at the address below no later than 15 February of each year.

Nomination Package Materials

  • A letter of nomination no more than two pages long summarizing the nominee’s significant accomplishments.
  • A curriculum vitae with bibliography is advised, but not required.
  • Nominator Disclosure Form, to be completed by principle nominator.

The principal nominator should integrate all of the above materials and send one nomination package by 15 February.

Questions may be directed to the Chair of the Honors Committee, Meghan S. Miller (meghan.miller@anu.edu.au). Please list Distinguished Service Award – Question as the subject line.

Nominations for all SSA awards are solicited from the members to be sent to the SSA Secretary by 15 February. Electronic submissions should be e-mailed in .TXT, .PDF or .DOC files to awards@seismosoc.org.

2020 Recipient

Zhigang Peng

Zhigang Peng received the Distinguished Service to SSA Award for his six years of service as Editor-in-Chief of Seismological Research Letters. In their nomination of Peng for the award, past SSA journal editors Andrew Michael and John Ebel cited Peng’s innovative spirit and energetic work to expand the journal’s reach … Continue Reading »

2017 Recipient

Keith Knudsen

Keith Knudsen of the U.S. Geological Survey is recognized for his nine years of service as Secretary for SSA. In their nomination of Knudsen for the award, five past presidents of SSA commended him for his advice on multiple issues related to SSA operations and for his work in a … Continue Reading »

2016 Recipient

Diane I. Doser

Diane I. Doser is recognized for her two decades of outstanding dedication and leadership of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA). Doser is the director of the Kidd Memorial Seismic Observatory and professor in the department of geological sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso. She served … Continue Reading »

2015 Recipient

Susan Newman

SSA Executive Director Susan Newman worked with and for the Seismological Society of America for 45 years making it one of the preeminent seismological institutions in the USA and the world. The success of our Society is in great measure due to Susan’s commitment to service; she was at the … Continue Reading »

2011 Recipient

Andy Michael

As editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA), Andrew J. Michael transformed the journal through innovative refinements in the submission and publication process and by modernizing its operations so that it will continue in the digital age as the premier seismology journal of record. For his … Continue Reading »

2008 Recipient

Joe Litehiser

Joe J. Litehiser, who served as Secretary of the SSA from March 1987 to April 2007, the second longest tenure in an officer position in the organization’s history, was presented with this award for Distinguished Service to the SSA at the Annual Meeting in Monterey, California in April 2009. As … Continue Reading »

2007 Recipient

Michael Fehler

Michael Fehler was selected because his contributions were “numerous and important, ranging from BSSA Editor, to SSA president, to distinguished scientist. Mike brings passion, grace, and attention to detail to his work, which shows in his many successes, and which has also been an inspiration to others.” Mike took on … Continue Reading »

2006 Recipient

Wilbur (Bill) Rinehart

Bill Rinehart was selected by the Board at the 2006 Annual Meeting to receive the award for Distinguished Service to the SSA, in thanks for his extraordinary efforts to document and preserve the Society’s history during our Centennial Year. Bill was honored at the luncheon of the 2007 Annual Meeting.

2003 Recipient

John Ebel

John Ebel was selected by the Board at the 2003 Annual Meeting to be the first recipient of the Distinguished Service to the SSA Award, in thanks for his long and capable editorship of SRL from 1995, when the society took over publication of the journal, until the end of … Continue Reading »