The Seismological Society of America hosts an annual meeting every April. The meeting is open to anyone interested in attending. SSA members receive a discount on their meeting registration. The Eastern Section of SSA hosts their annual meeting each Fall.

In addition, SSA maintains a calendar of seismology-related meetings.

Upcoming SSA Meetings

Eastern Section SSA 2016 Annual Meeting
Joint Meeting with NGA-East

24 – 26 October
Reston, Virginia

SSA 2017 Annual Meeting

18 – 20 April
Denver, Colorado

SSA 2018 Annual Meeting

24 – 26 April
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Recent SSA Meetings

SSA 2016 Annual Meeting

20 – 22 April
Reno, Nevada

Eastern Section SSA 2015 Annual Meeting

6-8 October
Memphis, Tennessee

SSA 2015 Annual Meeting

21 - 23 April
Pasadena, California

SSA 2014 Eastern Section Annual Meeting

2 - 4 November
Charleston, South Carolina

SSA 2014 Annual Meeting

30 April – 2 May
Anchorage, Alaska

Older SSA Meetings