Eastern Section-SSA

The Eastern Section-SSA is a separately incorporated technical section of SSA. It is focused on advancing the science of the seismology of Eastern North America and intraplate seismology.

Collected here are some short notes on the history and activities of the Eastern Section-SSA.

Please join our community and make a difference! Membership is $20 per year, and we use the dues to support students by providing travel grants and awards to acknowledge excellence. To join, select membership in Eastern Section when registering for SSA. Already renewed for SSA? Just contact SSA, and they will amend your SSA membership to include the Eastern Section!

ES-SSA photos by Raymond Ng.

ES-SSA Annual Meeting

This year’s Annual Meeting, previously planned for Atlanta, will be fully virtual and open to all on 14-15 October 2020.
Annual Meeting

Bylaws of the Eastern Section

Read the Eastern Section's bylaws here.

Current Leadership

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History and Recent Incorporation

SRL article from May/June 2009

The Jesuit Seismological Association Award for Contributions to Observational Seismology

Learn about the Jesuit contribution to seismology and Eastern Section's recognition and honors program.
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Past Meetings

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Past Meeting